The Nether, SNEAK PEAK

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This is a sneak peak of my book that I have been writing called "The Nether." This is personally one of my favorite parts. Please understand that this may not make much sense considering its chapter 12- 14 and that this is a ROUGH DRAFT!!!!! Also PLEASE leave a comment below, I would like some feedback, please be politely criticizing, BUT NOT MEAN! I would like some good feedback and some negative feed back. Thanks! ENJOY!

Submitted: March 26, 2014

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Submitted: March 26, 2014



 The ground shook with a great force. Earthquake? No. I didn’t seem like it. It was one boom, and then it stopped. I noticed it sounded like footsteps. River and Selena stood motionless. They looked into the sky, but I saw nothing. Suddenly I heard a booming voice, not like the kings, louder. The voice laughed. We all ran under a tree and stood silent. The voice boomed an unpleasant warning. “Come out little mice or i’ll find you myself!” I looked at Selena and River “What do we do? I don’t planned on getting smashed! What is that anyways?” The footsteps continued. River replied. “It’s a giant Setera! Now shut up!” Selena looked at me with terror. “Maybe its a bad time to say, but we can't use our magic right now.” I stood there shocked. “What! Why?” Selena looked aggravated and terrified. “We had to transfer our magic to keep you alive! Now shut up!” How could they do this? As if things couldn’t get worse I had to face the giant, alone.


Chapter 13: The Battle


Just great. I had to face a giant, alone. I was still learning my powers! How could I possibly do this? I was going to have to guess my way to defeat this giant. I needed to protect Selena and River though. I said “PROTECT” and a force field covered them. I had to do this. “GROW”  I screamed. I grew the size of the giant and I met my match face to face. He was rather fat and had greenish skin. He was carrying a tree as a weapon I was guessing.

The giant laughed. “You think you can defeat me? Your defenseless!” I smiled. “Not for long!” I replied. “SWORD” and a huge sword appeared in the air, which I caught. The giant was starting to get a little scared. “Want to play magic little girl? Lets play.” He still looked rather scared. The giant chanted some words and he burst into flames. I stood there in a battle position. “Bring it on!” With my sword in hand I ran towards the giant.

He dodged knocking over at least 20 trees which looked like little toys at this point. Wait! Selena and River! Where were they? I screamed their names but I couldn't find them. The giant laughed. “Trying to find your friends?” He questioned. I looked at the giant. He had Selena and River! The force field acted as a hamster ball. “Put them down!” I demanded. “Then come and get them!” He started running. I told myself I wasn’t gonna let this giant get my friends. “You can try to run troll!” The giant stopped in his tracks. “A troll? Did you just call me a troll?” The giant asked. “Nobody calls me troll!” He set the force field down and started stomping on it. The magic keeping Selena and River safe was fading. The force field’s magic was flickering, and Selena and River were getting scared. I had to get the giant to move off of the force field. “PUSH” I screamed and the giant went flying off his feet. With my ability to fly I flew over to the giant. I didn’t want to kill him, so I did something better. I placed a curse on him. I started to chant.


“you have caused some trouble with me and my friends, therefore you shall be imprisoned until our journey ends.”

 It was a small curse but it did its job. An invisible box surrounded the giant. As nice as it was to be a giant I probably couldn’t fit through the portal like this. “RETURN TO NORMAL” and I shrunk down right next to the force field which shimmered away after I returned to size. I remembered the sword I really never used in battle. I stuck my hand out and said “SWORD” and the sword a reasonable size came flying into my hand. “Why would we need that?” River asked. “In case we run into more giants.” I replied. I felt as if this journey had just began.


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