You Dont Ever Have To Be Alone

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is a bit gory for me, but eh, i got bored. Here is a scary one :3

Submitted: March 28, 2014

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Submitted: March 28, 2014



The lights flickered and soon they went out completely... I stood motionless in the dark wondering what was to become of me. I twirled in my nightgown spinning around hoping to find something. But I simply found nothing. I pulled out a candle stick and lit the top hoping to find my way downstairs where I could reach my parents. I lit the match and dabbled it onto the candle. I tried to tiptoe my way down the stairs but the creaky floorboards did not help. Creak after creak I went down the stairs until the candle fell off the candle holder bopping its way down the long rows of wood. I sighed and quickly went downstairs and grabbed the candle putting it back onto the candle holder.

"Mom? Dad?" I said into the dark abbys. I looked into the dark pit, but saw nothing. I then walked gently into my parents room to the side of the bed. "Mom?" I repeated tapping what I thought what was her side. I heard a drip from above and looked up. There stood my parents's dead bodies hanging from the ceiling. I screamed and ran dropping the candle holder as the candle soon died away. I sat on the creaky floorboards and cried. What was I to do? "Dont leave me alone!" I cried out to God. I sat on the steps waiting for my prayer to be answered.

It was several minutes until I felt a cold breeze. Then as clear as daylight I heard "you dont ever have to be alone..." It was a mans voice. His voice was very warm and welcoming. "Hello?" I squeeked to the door. "Is someone there?" The door flew open and a transparent boy in white stood. He held his hand out. "You dont ever have to be alone..." He gently said. I screamed and ran to the wall. "Ghost! Ghost!" I repeated but the man seemed perfectly fine. "You dont ever have to be alone" he repeated again. He walked faster over to me. "You dont ever have to be alone..." Closer and closer he drew but now his words seemed to change. "You dont ever have to be alone... You have to be alone... Always be alone... You will always be alone... Join the alone..." As he drew closer I screamed. That is why I am alone...

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