SailBoats- Sky Sailing

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I Find Owl city, Sky sailing, Port Blue, Seagull orchestra, Insect orchestra, Dolphin Park, More Of Adam Young's projeects so poetic... Enjoy! :D

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



Sailboats- Sky Sailing As always, Check it out on youtube :D and

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Sailblats wish that they were Stars,

Floating Softly in the sky

Among our dreams that bid goodbye.

Moving through transparent space,

Drifting through the stratosphere,

and Onward till they dissapear.

These continents from over head,

Look like tiny paper shapes,

Intracately set in space.

Below the Mistic mountain clouds

There's alovely silver bay

where Sunset sailors hide away.

Scuba diver in the Loch,

Speed Boat driver on the dock,

Sail-plane Pilot in the blue

Take me up there with you.

The World looks brighter from this

High Altitude.

I was walking through the trees,

I was swimming through the seas.

I was falling through air

when it hit me right there.

My Eyes are tired and I Dont even care.


An airplane carried me to bed

where I slept above the coast

and dreamt that I'd become a Ghost.

I sailed above the frozen peeks,

Deep in Cold cathedral caves

Across the Hills and far beyond the waves.

Take the car on the run,

Fly the Jet to the sun,

Bring the spacecraft in soon

while I play chesswith the moon.

I Feel like sleeping through this cold afternoon.

Once In 1964

An actress ran on the shore

And though you'll never return

I love you Audrey Hepburn.

Sometimes I can see your face in the crowd.

There are Sailboats through out,

This Brilliant Sky.

But ou can not pick them out,

If you cant fly.

Im glad the Earth dosent care,

If I go up there.

If you want to, Just ask me

and I'll take you along.

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