like a fungus it grow... spreading it's spores throw your once healthy lungs

Like a fungus it grow... spreading it's spores throw your once healthy lungs.

time itself has turned against me, since your passing, the family that was once united has split, like the fabric of time i had no choice but to weave myself into a new being.

Tears they flow like the Niall every time i think of you, for you was my perfect rose but you slowly lost your thorns, but you never forgot to bloom even when your petites started falling it was gentle and soft like a fresh blanket of snow, pure in the world of hate.

I'll never share our special moments with anyone, instead I'll lock them up for my eyes only.

Good or bad you've seen it all, always watching and never forgetting, I remember your smile as if it were only yesterday but never forgetting the pain only I seen deep in your eyes.

when your time was starting to run out, i was the one who tried to chase it... i was the one who attempted to stop time for you was my night light but i slowly watched your light glow dinner by each passing night.

i know deep inside my heart i should be happy your no longer on this earth but without you by my side i have changed, maybe not for the better but not for the worse, I simple put up all the walls you worked hard to tear down, I'm never at ease when I'm out without you, for you was the only wall i needed to lean on and without you i only fall...

i remember watching take your pan killers and when i asked you if they were working you only smiled and laugh at such a small question that you never seemed to answer...

Submitted: February 16, 2016

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