Four White Walls

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A man living in an insane asylum, one who truly belongs there.

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012




Four White Walls


These walls are my home and life. I live for these walls because they live for me. They keep me safe from the demon that wants to kill me. It used to constantly speak to me, but since I have come to these walls it has gone away. It no longer tells me to do horrible things to myself or others. The walls and I are friends, and like friends, we look after each other. They keep the voice out of my head and I keep them company.

They always talk about how that before me they never had any one to talk to. They were so bored with their non-existent life. They didn’t what was happening on the outside of the building they were in. Then I came along and told them of the world outside. I told them of how they should be happy they don’t live it. People mock you because you don’t fit in. Just because you talk different, act different, or look different the people make sure you know it and they don’t care that it hurts you, always being excluded.

These walls don’t ignore me though. They don’t mock me for being different. They accept me for who I am.

 In return for giving them some one new to talk to they keep the voice out of my head. That wretched voice! It haunted me for my whole life! But now it is gone. I can think clearly again. It is all because of my friends.

Nightmares from my old life still haunt my sleep. So now I barely sleep. I stay awake until my body forces me to pass out. Then I suffer the nightmares. I dream of the knife in my hand as I stab downwards time after time. The blood splatters me and the walls like paint. The innocent girl who died only because the voice in my head said she was evil. Back then I depended on the voice for my survival. It seemed that so many people wanted me dead and the only one I could trust was the voice. I now know that the voice was doing nothing but damning me by having me feed its blood lust. It was never enough for it though. Kill after kill of innocent people and it still wanted more. It was like a vampire, feeding itself off of the blood of the innocent to satisfy its hunger.

But it no longer matter because my friends are here. But lately they have been silent. They seem to be talking less and less. Are they growing bored of me? Am I too strange even for my so called friends? What if they decide to let the voice back in? I would be tortured because now there would be no way for me to satisfy its hunger for blood.

Yes, I can hear it again. It is nothing but a whisper but it is growing louder with each passing day. I beg to the wall to keep the voice out but they ignore me. They are completely silent again. They are acting like when I just got here. Back when they were too shy to talk to me. But they got over it. Now they are just ignoring me. Well they can burn in hell with me then!

The voice has now come back full force. The constant blood lust is more than I can bear. I can’t believe that my “friends” abandoned me. They are just as bad as everyone else who ever crossed my path. They think of no one but themselves. But they do worse than just mock me. They ignore me pleading for help and allow me to suffer from the voice.

The voice is telling me to kill my friends. But I can’t kill them. But I must. It is the only way to keep the voice quite even for a little while. But they were nice to me. But they allowed the voice to enter my head once again. I will make them pay for abandoning me. They must die.

I am punching and kicking. It seems to be doing nothing though. They don’t move or do anything. They just ignore it. I start biting slamming my head against them. I can feel hands start wrapping around my waist. I punch and kick and bite. Blood starts to find turn the white walls red. I fell a needle enter my arm and I fall to the ground shortly after. I see the four red walls surrounding me before all goes black.




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