moon goes down, the sun comes up

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Submitted: February 23, 2016

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Submitted: February 23, 2016




Rhythm rules the Heart.

No matter what cloud the brain leaks,

No matter how much cowardice

The legs obey,

Rhythm rules the Heart

And the Heart keeps the Soul afloat.

The Ocean holds a rhythm

Owing to the Moon and Gravity

Forcing the largest of Life to listen.

But Man,

He plays his own Drum.

An electic metronome of Purpose,

Of Progress,

Of blatant, arrogant defiance of the Moon and Gravity.

We are in control

This is his Chorus.

But Man cannot stop the crescendo

That is aTsunami

Cannot hold onto the Sun past Dusk.

Only a fool sings the Karaoke after the power goes out.

And what of this one man?

Covered in desert dirt

With only memory songs of the Sea?

This land once was ocean floor

These creosote once housed Shrimp.

Time and Distance means nothing

When considering Purpose

Purpose as the Rhythm knows

Only in pure honest song

Can the Light last past Dusk.

Only through ears

Connected beyond the Wind

Will one Man understand the loop

Of Chemical interdependency

That is our existence.

And the meaning of this?

Temporary solace

In finding a minute understanding.

Understanding of just how shallow

These roots of mine have set.

Shit and flood and salt and blood

Feed my systems,

Fuel my electricity

So that I may follow the Sun

And illuminate, for the sake of growth

Of survival, of Life.

But only until Dusk sets,

Lulling the Desert to sleep.


© Copyright 2017 Bluebeard Barry. All rights reserved.

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