just something i wrote one night...

Sitting in my corner, just awoke from dream. Iwill tell you of the dream, just promise to not scream. ThereI sat upon his knee, looking out at the sea. The clouds above, big and fluffed, hung over us. Sweet and innocent he whispersto me. In my ear his voice sounds, the words that fill my heart. He tells me he loves me, he tells me of all the love he has for me. At that moment my beautiful dream, because the nightmareI thought would kill me. The huge cotton clouds turnd to gray. Not one wave left in the sea,I could not just let this be. Entruged by the dark, black endless sea, its like it was calling to me. Not caring of the words he had whisperd to me,I left him there alone and helpless. I took my steps there closer to the black silk blanket that lie infront of me. My loveI left asI stepped into that sea. Pulled under by nothing, an unseen, unfelt pull, it dragged me under, all the way. Alive in my dream, for now I scream. That nightmare did kill me. Alone in my corner, almost as dead as can be, he whispers to me " You must wait for me, I lose you now, but never again." Now I die, at the time Ifeel most alive. Hes coming for me, and I will wait for him.

Submitted: February 07, 2010

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