Charlie the drunk guinea pig 2

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Charlie releases wacky crazy mischievous and would he get hold of booze

Ian and Anthony were walking down an alley way

When they thought they heard a noise coming

From the dumpster they thought it was tuna sandwich

But it was a cute guinea pig so they adopted him and

Named him Charlie

Charlie Charlie the drunk guinea pig

Charlie Charlie the drunk guinea pig! S


"Ooh which ipaa-" (Ian inturupts Charlie) 

"Are you planning on buying a magic ipad?" ask Ian curiously making Charlie kind of speechless 

"uhh F*** off poof!" Shouted Charlie slightly calm while he was still searching for and ipad

"okay well I am going to duck tape the cabnit" announced Ian thoughtfully 

"Suit yourself" Replied Charlie Paffetically Annoyed 

Next Day

"Ha so now that I have a magic ipad I can peel off the  tape and have booze all to myself"

Said Charlie merrily "You'll never get passed us!" Yelled the duck tape unsuspectingly

guarding the cabnit "What the F***, we'll see about that" Shouted Charlie now moving slightly 

more to the ipad but the Yellow ipad was gone "we're the strongest tape in the world B****

and we got this Ipad!" Yelled the tape they used the ipad went on settings and gone on

Charlie and they sent him flying out of the window 


The drunk guinea pig 

Submitted: April 17, 2016

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Rseally good! Keep up the good work!

Sun, April 17th, 2016 12:36pm

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