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This is a story that I wrote in a class that I take at school. My teacher hasn't gotten back to me on revisions yet so I'll be making changes to it later. If I made any errors in the making of this, please tell me. I just went off of what my parents and I knew. Also if you have any ideas on how to make it better, I'd love to make this better. If somebody could give me some ideas on a title too, that would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted: October 16, 2014

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Submitted: October 16, 2014




Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

“All right! I’m up!” he said irritatingly, throwing the covers off his body. Steven swung his legs over and rubbed his eyes. He drew his hand through his hair and tugged it behind his ear. Wonder what today is going to bring he thought to himself. He was a junior at the local high school. Steven hopped into some jeans and pulled a shirt out of the drawer. He snagged his glasses off the bookshelf. He hated having to wear them, but he had vision like a bat. Going to the mirror, Steven checked how he looked and stared at his eyes the one blue and one green. His brown hair was a mess, so he grabbed a comb, nodding at his reflection. Grabbing his school stuff from his room, Steven walked down the stairs. He didn’t have a lot of time before the bus came, so he grabbed an English muffin and a water bottle, and ran for the bus stop. After about ten minutes, the bus stop finally came into view. His friend, Roxon, was tapping his foot impatiently, blasting some scremo in his headphones.

“Hey there you are,” Roxon said taking notice of him walking up. He leaned forward to give Steven a bro-hug. Roxon had been Steven’s friend since 3rd grade and had stayed his friend since then. They had first met up at a church camp and hit it off very well.

“Hey, what band are you listening to?” Steven asked, fumbling around in his backpack. He felt he had forgotten something, but wasn’t coming up with anything yet.

“Wolves at the Gate,” Roxon replied. Steven nodded his head, half-listening. He hadn’t gotten into scremo that much. Not even Christian scremo. He was more of a rock, classic rock, or hard rock kind of guy. The bus came shortly afterward.

“Come on man. You’re going to miss the bus if you don’t hurry up,” Roxon called climbing onto the bus and waiting at the front for him. Steven collected his stuff and hopped on board. They took their usual seat by the window. After about a 20 minute bus ride filled with talk of music and homework, they arrived at school. Heading to class, he repositioned his book bag. The bag was heavier than it should have been. It suddenly hit him. Steven hadn’t forgotten anything; he had picked up his biology book on accident. He dropped it off at his locker and headed to math. He dropped into his seat just as the bell rang.

“All right class. The homework is on the board. Start working on it,” his math teacher said. Steven got out his book and turned to the designated page. Steven groaned. Man. Slope intercept again Steven thought as he skimmed the page. He pulled some paper out and started to work on it. Around the seventh problem, Steven’s left arm started to feel numb. He stretched thinking that would help, but his arm was still growing numb. After a while, he noticed he couldn’t move it. Steven stopped working and tried to move it. Nothing. He got up and walked to the teachers’ desk.

“Sir. Um I can’t move my arm,” Steven said nervous at the situation. He put his left arm out to the teacher to prove that he wasn’t lying.

“Hmm,” the teacher said setting his pencil down. “Let me have a look at it.” Steven took his now limp arm and showed it to his teacher. The teacher held it out and prodded it, trying to make some sense.

“Well…why don’t you go back to your seat and keep working. If it’s still numb by the end of class, I’ll write you a note to the nurses’ office,” he said motioning to his seat. Steven went and sat back down. He tried to move it all class, but to no avail. At the end of class he went to the teacher again.

“Sir. It’s still not moving. I tried moving it the rest of class but nothing happened,” Steven said showing his arm. The teacher opened his drawer and pulled out a pad of hall passes. He wrote him a note for the nurses’ and handed it to him.

“I hope you can find out what’s up with it,” the teacher said with a smile. He went back to his work. Steven left the classroom and headed toward the nurses’ office.

“Hey man!” a voice called from behind him. Steven turned around and saw Roxon walking toward him. They met up and started to walk. “Where are you going,” he asked Steven, face full of curiosity. “You know that Spanish is the other way, right?”

“Yeah I know,” Steven replied not wanting Roxon to know about his arm being limp. He didn’t know what about it turned him off, but he just didn’t want him to find out. “I’m going to the nurses’ office.”

“Why,” Roxon asked, worried about him.

“Stomach,” Steven replied lying. Roxon took it as truth and turned to go.

“Well, I hope you get better,” he said as he walked off. Steven kept walking, his conscience guilty after the run-in with his friend. Making it to the nurses’ office, he went inside. There were two other kids in there, both of them girls.

“How can I help you,” the nurse asked in a kind tone. Steven picked up his arm and showed it to her.

“My arm doesn’t work,” Steven said, feeling silly about the whole situation. The nurse gave him a pitiful look.

“Is this just a trick to get out of school?” she asked him raising her head. Steven shook his head.

“No, I can’t move it at all,” he said moving through the door and standing in full view of the nurse. Steven shook himself and his arm dangled loosely. Too loose to be just be left dangling.

“Hmm. Come here a sec,” the nurse said turning in her chair so she could look at him properly. She turned his arm around as far as it could go and then back again. “I don’t know what to tell you. Can you feel out of it still?” Steven prodded his arm, but didn’t feel anything.  He hit it a few times, but still to no avail. He shook his head. “It might be a pinched nerve. It might not be. Um…I would say just go and sit down and see if the feeling comes back or not,” the nurse said motioning to one of the cots. Steven went over and laid down on the one closest to him. After about half an hour of laying, he tried to move his arm again. This time Steven was able to move it and this time he was able to lift it.

“Um nurse,” he called getting up from his cot.

“Yeah what’s up,” she called. Steven walked around the door and moved his left arm.

“I can move it now,” he said rotating it. This was weird. He hadn’t been able to before and now he could.

“I’m going to call home, so you can get that checked out,” the nurse said grabbing the phone next to her. She dialed some numbers and started to chat with his mom. His parents were both workers and his dad didn’t get home till close to 11:00 p.m. His dad worked as a carpenter and worked late hours and had to get up really early. The nurse got off the phone and looked at Steven. “Your mom is on her way to get you. She’ll be here in about 20 minutes,” she said turning back to her desk.

“Okay,” Steven replied sitting down on the side of the cot. He waited hoping that his arm didn’t act up again. His mom arrived soon and picked Steven up. She took him to the doctor and they waited for an hour before the doc finally came out.

“All right. What are we here for,” the doctor asked coming up to them.

“My son’s arm stopped working, and a while later, it started working again,” Steven mom explained. The doctor stroked his beard and thought for a while.

“How long ago did it happen,” he asked reaching out for Stevens’ arm. Steven showed his left arm to the doc and let him move it around.

“About two hours ago,” Steven replied. The doctor let go of Steven’s arm and stepped back. . “We could do a CAT scan but that wouldn’t give very reliable data. We can also do an MRI which would tell us what’s triggering it and see where it goes from there,” he said throwing the options out there.

“When would you be able to get the MRI ready?” Stevens’ mom asked. Her face was a mixture of worry and adrenaline.

“Well we have an opening tomorrow if you could make it then,” the doctor said pulling a calendar from his coat pocket.

“What time would it be?” Stevens’ mom asked. The doctor looked at tomorrows’ times.

“8:00 am or 2:15 pm,” he said putting the calendar away.

“8 am would work,” she said writing it down in her planner.

“All right. I’ll see you tomorrow then,” the doctor said shaking her hand.

“Should I go back to school,” Steven asked the doctor.

“Well, that’s really up to you. You can if you want to or I can give you a pass,” he told him. Steven thought about it. He could go back to school and finish the day or he could go home.

“I’ll go back to school,” Steven decided. The doctor nodded and gave him a school note. Steven and his mom went back to the car. The rest of the day went quickly. Before Steven knew it, his mom was picking him up to take him home. On the way home, Steven got a text from Roxon.

Roxon: ‘hey man. How are u doing?’

Steven: ‘not bad. Day was pretty uneventful’

Roxon: ‘how u feeling from this morning?’

Steven: ‘better. The nurse said it was nothing but let me stay there for a little bit’

Roxon: ‘okay. Well have a good rest of the night and I’ll see you tomorrow’

Steven put his phone away as they got home. His arm didn’t act up or anything that night or the next morning.


Steven was up by 7:00 and waited for his mom. He was nervous about the MRI that morning. A short time later, his mom woke up and got dressed. They left and got to the doctors’ office a little before 8:00. A technician was already there preparing everything.

“Good morning,” he said to Steven and his mother. “Right this way.” Steven followed the technician to a room with a large cylinder inside. “All right so what I want you to do is just lay down on this table and stay perfectly still,” the technician said pressing a few buttons.

“How long will it take,” Steven asked curiously. He laid down on the table that came out. The room was freezing, but the table was warm surprisingly.

“Not long. 45 minutes max,” the technician said hitting some more buttons. The technician got a blanket and laid it on Steven. The table slid back into the cylinder. “Okay. We’re going to go in 15 minute increments. I want you to hold still as long as you can during that time.,” a voice said over an intercom.

Steven waited 15 minutes and the guy came on over the speaker. “All right. You can move.” Steven wriggled a little and settled down. Steven and the technician did this two more times before he came back in the room. He got Steven out of the tube and led him back to his mom. “The result will be in tomorrow. You can come back then and talk to the doc.”

His mom dropped him back off at school and signed him in at school. She let them know about the MRI before she left. The day passed quickly until the end. He was walking away from his locker when he bumped into Roxon. “Hey man. Your stomach doing good?” he asked Steven, walking with him outside.

“Oh um…yeah,” he said distracted by his thoughts. The MRI had gone smoothly but he didn’t want anybody to know about it. Especially his friend. Steven didn’t want him worrying about him. Stevens’ mom drove up and honked. “Oh there’s my mom. I’ll see you tomorrow man,” he said running to the car and getting in. He waved to Roxon as they left. The rest of the night went without off without a hitch. Steven went to bed that night not knowing what the next day would bring.


The telephone rang around 7:30 waking Steven up. He picked up and got the doc. “Hey Steven. Your mom awake yet?” he asked Steven.

“No but I can get her for you,” Steven said to the doc.

“No just tell her to meet me at my office around 8:45. Okay?” the doc asked

“Okay,” Steven said hanging up. He got dressed, ate some breakfast, and went to see if his mom was awake yet. He knocked on her door. “Hey mom you awake?”

“Yup. What’s up?”

“The doc wanted to meet at 8:45 this morning,” he said going to his room. The time passed quickly. Steven and his mom were on their way to the docs’ office. They went to the docs’ office and went inside. The doctor had a depressing look on his face.

 “What’s wrong,” she asked suddenly afraid. The doctor let out a sigh.

“Your son has cancer in his head. How it hasn’t gotten into his brain is beyond me. It seems to be pushing on his brain though and that needs to be removed,” he told the mom putting some emphasis. Stevens’ mom at that point slumped down in one of the chairs.

“What do we have to do to get it out,” she asked, placing a hand on her head in exasperation. The doctor sat down beside her and put his hand on her shoulder.

“We can do surgery on it and it’s still very safe. The cancer still hasn’t gotten into the brain so we’re still in the clear,” he told her patting her back and pulling it back.

“How could it have gotten into my brain,” Steven asked sitting across from them. He didn’t know much about cancer and was kind of scared that there was something in his head.

“I don’t know,” he told Steven. “All I can say is that it’s one of the more fatal forms of cancer but most of the time it’s in the brain not on top of it. That’s weird in itself.” Steven nodded his head thinking about what he had said. His mom turned to the doctor.

“When can you schedule the surgery?” she asked giving him a look that showed desperation.

“Well…I can do it on Saturday, but it’s one of my busier days. Today isn’t really but it may be a while before I can get you in on that day,” he said getting up, heading towards his office. “Let me go see what time would work,” the doctor said before he disappeared around the corner.

Steven’s mom dropped lower in the chair that she was in and sighed. “This is not the way that I figured I would be spending my Thursday morning,” she said to Steven . Steven smiled back. He could agree with her.  About that time the doctor came back.

“Okay. Surprisingly I got an opening at 2:00 p.m. at the hospital. Do you want to take it or have something later,” he asked, a pencil hovering above the clipboard that his sheet of times were on.

“Yes. The sooner the better,” she said, standing from the chair. The doctor scribbled some things down.

“All right I’ll see you on Saturday,” the doctor said seeing us to the door as we left. The drive home was very quiet. When we got home, we went inside and ate lunch. Steven spent the afternoon playing his guitar, trying to get some chords down. Saturday had come quickly with Friday not being very eventful. Steven and his mom went to the hospital that afternoon and waited for their turn to go in. There was a baby right next to them that cried regardless of what the mother did. Finally a nurse called them back and they were inside. The nurse brought them to a room and gave Steven a gown.

“I want you to strip to your underwear and put this on,” she said leaving. Steven slipped out of his clothes and into the gown. The surgery doctor came in a short time later and briefed them on the procedure and took Steven back with him to the surgery room. They got him on the gurney and put a breathing mask on his face.

“All right. Count from 100 backward,” the doctor said turning to him.

“100,9-,” Steven said going under. The doctors started to work and about 3 hours later, Steven woke up. His mom jerked her head from her arm. “How long was I out for,” he asked his mom as she came over.

“About 5 hours,” she replied. Steven whistled in shock.

“How we doing bud,” a doctor asked as he came in. He walked over to the monitors and checked the numbers to make sure they were all good.

“Pretty out of it,” Steven replied turning his head to look at the doc.

“Well, you’re going to be for a few days until your body wears off of the pain killers,” he said patting him on the leg.

“When can I leave from here,” Steven asked him before he left. The doc peeked his head around the corner.

“About 3 days,” he said leaving the room. Steven turned his head to his mom.

“Hey mom can I have my phone,” he asked his mom. She went back to the sofa that was in the room.

“Yes,” she said digging in her purse for it. She pulled it out and handed it to him. She went and laid her head back and rested her head on the pillow. Steven opened it and saw he had a text from Roxon.

Roxon: ‘hey man didn’t see you today you ok?’

Steven: ‘hey man just got your text yeah im ok’

Roxon: where were you?

Steven: im….in the hospital

Roxon: what happened?

Steven: you know on Wednesday when I went to the nurse….my arm had stopped working so I went down to the nurses and it started working again but I went to the doctor and found out that I had a tumor in my head

Roxon: what hospital are you in

Steven: the one here in town

Steven didn’t get another text after that. A half hour later he heard some scuffling in the hall and Roxon appeared in the doorway.

“Hey man,” he said walking over to him. Roxon went over a sat down in a chair. “So why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want you to worry,” he said fighting sleep

“Dude I would have worried less if you had told me instead of keeping me out of the loop,” Roxon said.

“Sorry. I’ll tell you the truth in the future,” Steven said. He started to feel his eyes droop. “Hey I’ll be there at school on Tuesday. I’m about to fall asleep,” he said warning him.

“Okay. I’ll see you on Monday then,” Roxon said walking out.

Steven laid his head back and started to think about life after he got out of the hospital. He looked through the window of the hospital and looked at the trees and buildings. He gave himself over to sleep and before long, he was snoozing away.

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