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From both my point of view and that of other men I've known brought this poem about. No matter how people think it "should" be, men do hold feelings inside, even if taught to let them show. They will come out at some point in some fashion, but their family doesn't always recognize it.

Submitted: February 13, 2007

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Submitted: February 13, 2007




All men throughout the world unite

Stand up and shout with all your might

"All friends and kin in hearing, sight


"You think you know me --- or it seems,

But what about my hopes and dreams?

No, all you've viewed is rage or screams.


You've watched me stand up tall and shout

But worse than that has shown about,

In fear and anger I've struck out.


"Fear," you say?  Oh yes, I've tried

And from you managed this to hide

To keep that empty fear inside.


The anger's from complete despair

Of throwing hopes and dreams up in air.

More fear from knowing I'm nowhere.


But in my youth, through most my life

There were the dreams, though torn by strife

With hope --- cut down by living life.


Still, quiet night brings wake and dreams,

Hope and prayer, plans and schemes,

But each new day takes all it seems.


What you see is what I've tried

To show you.  What I really hide

In times of wake are tears I've cried.


All of you loved ones understand

I want to be as God had planned.

It's there inside --- a loving man.

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