A little girl named Jill

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A little girl gets what she deserves

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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Submitted: May 08, 2011



Far away in the woods
A little girl named Jill
Would beg for all the treasures
And gather flowers from hill to hill
Jill always wanted what was nicest
And would always throw a fit
If anyone tried to put her second
Even just a little bit
On a nice summer day
She dressed in a fine dress
And she draped a dark cloak on her back
And wore shoes like a birds nest
Her mom sat her down before she left
And gave Jill some advice
Sometimes what we think looks best
Isn’t really nice
Jill went to pick some flowers
And saw one very fair
It smelled as sweet as honey
And she would wear it in her hair
The flower was as gorgeous
As any gold or jewels
And it was said to come from
Enchanted golden pools
Jill set down her basket
And grabbed the stem real tight
Jill nearly screamed at the pain
That matched a shark’s bite
Jill pulled her hands away
And rubbed them on her gown
Then picked her basket up
And away from the flower she bound
Jill sat down and cried
Until she began to doze
But she never told her mom
Because it was her fault to pick the rose

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