Jade Creates Transformation

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Out of the woodwork and from a dream,
Which was more like a nightmare, where I couldn't scream.

Just so you know, for confusion purposes- Mom= adoptive; Mother= Biological. Same principle applies for the father in the story.

Submitted: July 21, 2008

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Submitted: July 21, 2008



Outside, the lake shone and gleamed with the new morning sun; the jewel of the town. This morning was quiet and still. As I lay on my pillow and gazed at the sight, I began to dread the humdrum day that seemed to repeat itself since time began. Unwillingly,I slid out of bed and lazily got dressed.

"Good morning, sunshine!" Greeted my adoptive parents.

"mornin" I mumbled back.

My chin fell on the table and I watched as plate of food was placed before me. My younger adoptive sister sat at my right, poking at her food.

"What's wrong?" I looked up to see Mom looking at me.

"Nothing, I'm just really looking forward of a day full of....nothing"

"You don't know that," Dad said, looking at a paper. "Tell you what, why don't we get that figurine you've been eyeing so much"

I looked up at him and Mom and they smiled. The figurine I had set my heart on was a crescent moon, carved in jade.

Jade.... It reminded me of my biological parents. They didn't allow jade in the house, but I loved the delicate stone. What I remember of my parents is something like a blur with bits and pieces zooming about. The last memory I have of them, was the day they went away.

I remember, being scared. The lights from the streetlamps raced across my real mother's face. Her tears blurring her make-up.

"We have to go, ok baby?" She said choking back tears. "I know you don't understand, but there are some really bad people that are trying to get us."

"We can't have them find us. Who knows what they'll do?" My father said with frustration in his voice, "They'll treat us like animals; we’ll be nothing but experiments to them. They'll never understand... We are still human!"

The car came to a stop and my mother dragged me out.

"These people are going to take care of you ok? Treat them with respect," she grabbed some things and we began walking, "You have to stay here ok? Until we can come and get you. And remember, no jade."

I looked back to see my father slam his hands on the steering wheel and rest his head in the top of the wheel. I turned and looked up in front of me to see my new mom reaching down.

My current mom and my old one were friends from way back. My biological mother never did come back... but I don't mind much now. My new family and I entered the dusty shop that held my figurine.

"Oh, look at that! I never understood why Charlotte never like jade, it's so pretty!" Mom exclaimed.

I had asked her once, along time ago on the way home after she had pried a jade bracelet from my hands at a store. Her answer was only three words "Jade creates transformation."

I never knew what she had meant.

"Oh this is going to look so lovely in your bath!" Mom said cradling the figurine in her hands.

That night, after dinner, I soaked in the tube. It was my place to clear my head. I handled the figurine gingerly in my hands, it looked so delicate. Suddenly, it slipped and dove into the water. I began to feel.....odd. The room started to spin slowly then it went faster, and faster; twisting until I grew sick. I began to ache. My door opened... or I think it did. In it stood a figure against a yellow light... It wasn't human and I strained to grasp a better look. I heard it speak... like my mother.

"Jade creates transformation. Jade speeds the transformation." It said, over and over again, filling the room like a sick odor.

And then it turned dark.

I awoke in a daze, standing in the middle of the living room; screams were tearing at my ears. Bloodcurdling, desperate…fearful. But no one was screaming. At my feet, a stream of blood slowly crept to surround my toes. Around me, my family lay, scattered.

It was then, curled up in a corner with my head in my arms. That the answer to all the whys looked down upon me… mocking me in screams

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