The Woman on Titan

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Probes show signs of life on Saturn's Moon of Titan, leading to a manned mission to check it out.

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



Commander Charles Nelson has been on many a space mission during his tenure in NASA. He lived on the space station worked on the Hubble telescope and even participated in the first laser tag game on the moon. This mission however seemed to be the most exciting.

Almost a year ago, the agency sent the Columbus exploratory probe to explore the solar system and beyond. While exploring Saturn’s moon of Titan, the probe sent back some strange but exciting data. The soil content showed enough Nitrogen to support plant life. The images from the probe were garbled, so Commander Nelson and his crew volunteered for a manned mission to Titan. Since it was to be a long journey the crew of 5 would be in a hibernative state while the ship’s computer steered.

The ship neared the moon, so the computer ran the program to revive the crew. Commander Nelson was the first to rise. He opened his tube and ran a hand through his increasingly graying hair. At 55 he may be the oldest member of the space program, but was also considered the best. Slowly the rest of the crew started to stir. Second in command Lt. Commander Michael Dawkins awoke next.

"Morning Commander. I take it were nearing Titan." he said.

"Were a few hours out. Gives us plenty of time to ready the lander for the mission." Commander Nelson replied.

Also on board were navigator Captain Drew Smith, Lt. Brad Benson the ship mechanic and civilian professor Dr. Mark Baar an expert on soil.

Once they were all awake, Commander Nelson gathered his crew to decide who would go down to the surface and who would stay on the ship. "Gentlemen, we need two people to stay here on the ship while the rest of us are on Titan’s surface."

"There’s really nothing I can do until I have soil samples so I’ll stay." said Dr. Baar.

Lt. Benson then piped up "I’ll stay and keep the ship running and the good Dr. Company."

"Roger that. Dawson Smith and myself will take the lander down and collect soil samples then. I wont lie to you men, this could be the greatest discovery ever or the worst mistake in NASA history. All I ask is that you all do your best." The Commander then broke up the meeting to make final preparations.

A few hours later the ship was in orbit around Titan. Commander Nelson, Lt. Commander Dawkins and Captain Smith climbed into the tiny lander.

"Good luck Commander." said Lt. Benson.

"Thank you Benson. We’ll be back in a few hours." The Commander then closed the hatch and Lt. Benson pressed the necessary buttons to detach the lander from the craft.

The decent to the surface was uneventful. The crew on the lander then donned there spacesuits and prepared to make the first footsteps onto Titan.

Before stepping off the lander the Commander paused "This would be a great time to come up with a classic quote, but honestly I think of any." he said to lighten the mood. The other two men chuckled and the 3 explorers set foot on the new world. "Stay close, We don’t want to get lost." he cautioned his crew and they replied with "Yes sir."

After a few hours of exploring and collecting soil samples, the crew was getting ready to head back to the lander and travel back to the ship. "Commander Nelson come here." cried Captain Smith. The commander ran as best he could over to where the captain was.

"What’s wrong Smith?"

"Sir what does that spot on the horizon look like to you?" the captain asked.

"Looks like something that needs checked out."

Slowly and cautiously they walked toward the spot. As they got closer the spot got bigger and bigger until they determine what it was. "Do you see what I see Smith?"

"I think so sir." The mysterious spot turned out to be a plant! Throwing caution to the wind they ran as best as the lower gravity would allow to examine the plant. When they reached the plant, they discovered not only was there a plant, but another major discovery. Attached to the plant was a transparent sphere similar to a bubble and within the bubble there was a creature that resembled a human woman!

The Commander and Captain stood there frozen for several minuets as the woman in the bubble seemed to cower away from them. Finally the Commander forced himself to move. He slowly waved at the woman. She looked t be around 20 Earth years in age if he had to guess. She had dark skin, similar to people of Asian descent on Earth and was dressed in what appeared to be a green 2 piece swimsuit, barely covering a large pair of breasts.

She slowly waved back, with obvious fear in her eyes. She screamed loudly causing the Commander to fall to his knees.

"SIR! What’s wrong?"

"She afraid were hear to harm her. She wishes we’d go back to where we came from."

"How do you know all this Commander" asked the Captain.

"She’s using some form of ESP to communicate with me." Unsure if the woman could understand him the Commander said slowly, "We do not wish to harm you. We would only like to ask you a few questions."

The woman in the bubble replied by sending a message into the Commander’s brain. She told him that shed answer any and all questions they have if they prose to leave her and the others in peace.

"What do you mean others" he asked.

"Look around" she replied.

The commander looked around the area and saw at least 2 dozen other plants with bubble encased woman that looked exactly like the one he was conversing with. "Do you have a name?"

She sent a message back answering "The others refer to me as Nikki."

Suddenly remembering Captain Smith was here too he turned in the Captain’s direction. "Find Dawkins and radio the ship and let them know what we found." he ordered.

"Yes sir" the Captain responded as he set out to obey the orders.

The Captain headed back to the lander as fast as he could. Dawkins was already next to the lander waiting on his fellow explorers. "Where have you been" he asked.

Out of breath Smith said "Plants...... bubbles..... women....... must tell....others"

"What are you talking about Drew?"

Catching his breath Captain Smith was able to make a complete sentence. "The Commander and I went to investigate some spots we saw. The spots were plants."

"Holy Cow! But what was this about bubbles and women you said.?"the Lt. Commander asked.

"Attached to the plants were large bubbles and inside the bubbles were creatures that look like human women."

"We’ve got to radio the ship about this." The Lt. Commander replied.

Meanwhile back on the spaceship orbiting Titan, Lt. Benson heard a communication coming in. "This is Benson. How are you guys doing down there? Finding some good samples?"

"No time for that Benson." the excited Captain said. "We’ve got a huge discovery down here."

"Well don’t leave me in suspense. What is it?" Benson replied.

"We’ve discovered a species of plants down here." Benson shouted

"Do you realize how huge this is?"

"Ya we do, but that’s not all, each plant has a sphere attached to it that looks like a bubble. Each bubble has a woman inside of it."

"Are you serious!?!" asked the Lt.

"Why would I lie about that? Get on the horn to mission control and let them know."

"Patching in to mission control now."

While the others were informing the people back on Earth, the Commander was carrying on his conversation with the alien woman. "How did you get here? How do you survive here?"

She sent the message back saying "I was born here in this plant. As far as any of us can remember we have always been here."

"So you have no clue where your race came from?" asked the Commander.

"There is a legend told from one of us to another. Legend says once a spaceship crashed landed here. There was only one survivor from the crash, A young woman. The life support system on the vessel was unfixable so she put on her suit to survive as long as she could. Quickly running out of air, she sat down not far from here. She did not see the tiny little plant she was sitting on.

She laid down on her back as her air supply ran out and lost consciousness. Amazingly a few hours later she awoke. Somehow her spacesuit disappeared but she could still survive. It wasn’t until she tried to stand up did she realize that she was trapped inside a bubble that was attached to a plant. Knowing the bubble was all that was keeping her alive she did her best to make sure not to puncture it. Legend says the plant realized neither the woman nor the plant itself could survive the harsh environment alone, but together maybe they could both thrive. It is said the plant created a bubble and slowly pushed the woman into it as the plant removed the woman’s spacesuit."

"So you survive through a symbiotic relationship?" asked the Commander.

The woman nodded. "The plant offers us oxygen protection and food, and we provide the plant with carbon dioxide, the heat from our bodies, and spores with which to reproduce."

"How do you reproduce?" The woman answered "The plant takes spores from us and releases them. If the spores land in the right area a new plant will grow and slowly a woman will grow in the bubble."

"Space shuttle Discovery to Mission Control, come in Mission Control." Lt. Benson said into the radio.

"This is Mission Control, how’s the mission coming Discovery."

"The Commander Lt. Commander and Captain are on Titan and made a huge discovery."

"We copy Discovery. Huge discovery." Benson continued

"They discovered plant life on Titan."

"What kind of plant life Discovery?"

"It’s a plant unknown to us Mission Control. Also the plants have transparent spheres attached with Humanoid looking females inside." There was a long pause on the other end.

"Mission Control, Requesting advice, Do you copy." There was more silence

"Mission Control do you read me?"

"Discovery we read you. You say there is not only plant life but humanoid life on Titan?"

"Affirmative Mission Control."

"Discovery. Stand By."

Captain Smith walked back out onto the surface to find the Commander. He didn’t have much of a search. The Commander hadn’t left the spot the Captain left him at.

"Commander, I hate to interrupt but Mission Control wants us to return to the ship."

"Damn" replied the Commander. He turned back to the woman. "I hope I get to come back before we leave. I have so many questions."

She sent a message back saying "Thank you for not harming us."

On the walk back to the lander, the Commander filled the Captain in on all the woman had told him. The 3 Explorers readied the lander of the journey back to the ship.

Once they docked with the ship they exited the lander. "What’s Mission Control saying Benson?"

"Sir, they’re wanting us to bring one of the plants home with us."

"You cant be serious. We’re not sure if these plants are carrying some kind of germ that we on Earth aren’t immune to."

"Sir Mission Control says they know the risks, but still want a sample."

"Fine but when it all goes bad don’t blame me."

The next day Commander Nelson, Lt. Commander Dawkins and Captain Smith once again took the lander down to the surface, this time landing closer to the area where the women were.

"Men, let me handle this."

"Aye sir" they relied in unison.

The commander slowly exited the lander and walked up to the bubble containing the one they call Nikki. "The people back on my planet want to meet you."

She cowered in the bubble and started crying. "You never said there would be others."

"Because I didn’t know they want me to bring you back with us." The men started to dig up the plants roots. The young woman screamed into all 3 of the explorer’s heads.

As they tried to lift the plant out of the soil, they heard a strange screeching sound. The sound came from outside there heads, so it was not caused by the woman. The plant itself was screaming. Knowing the woman was in danger the plants self defense kicked in. Quickly 3 Bubbles grew and encased the 3 men. They all beat on the bubbles trying to pop them.

The Commander felt a tingling through his whole body. He looked down to see that his body was changing to look like the race of women attached to the plants.

He watched in horror as his hair turned black and started to grow. His space suit slowly disappeared and was replaced by a green swimsuit. His chest expanded to fill out the Bikini.

Within minuets the transformation was complete. The former he looked around to see the same thing happened to his two fellow explorers.

The woman called Nikki broadcast into the now female Commander’s mind, "The plant know I was in danger so it trapped you here by turning you into one of us."

"What is taking them so long?" Benson and the Professor were growing impatient. There was no answer at the lander and they were getting worried. "Mission Control this is Discovery, We lost communication with the landing team."

"Discovery, we’ve lost all contact as well. Is there any way to go to the surface and look for them?"

"Negative Mission Control please advise."

"Discovery wait 2 more days. If contact still hasn’t been made, return to Earth."

The 2 days passed with no contact. As ordered the shuttle broke orbit and headed back on course for Earth. From there bubbles the women watched as the tiny speck of light sailed away into the sky and cried as they tried to get used to there new life.

© Copyright 2020 blunose2772. All rights reserved.

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