Element Chronicles - book one | child of Earth

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First book in the Element Chronicles series.

The elements are primordial beings, appearing at the beginning of time and never ceasing to disappear.
The elements were born from Light and Darkness, both the makers of every being and their destroyers if they please

The past million years have been peaceful for the creators, but war has broke out amongst them.
From the wounds of every element hurt in battle blood has trickled down through time and space and seeped through the skin of mortal women

From the blood spilled amidst the war were born the children of elements: child of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Ice and the deadliest of them all - the twins embodying Light & Darkness
These children have never acknowledged their bonding with certain elements of nature, but, one day is enough to change all they knew

The first book follows the journey of Rowan, the child of Earth, to discover who he really is and what his powers really are.
Rowan always wanted to be more than himself and his wish came true...

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child of Gaius

Submitted: April 30, 2016

Gaius - the element of Earth. The almighty shapeshifter of the ground and guardian of nature. Defender of their friends and defender of p... Read Chapter

run 0.5

Submitted: April 30, 2016

It's called "run 0.5" since it's a two part chapter. Cleared it up in case you were confused. Anyways, enjoy! :D Read Chapter