The Art Of Opposites

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A contest entry for "It's Christmas" by ryderstokes.

Flora refuses to face her expecting a boyfriend brought home parents when she walks in on her boyfriend with another woman.

She plans to spend her holiday alone.

Not with some guy who is fond to Graphic Tees and Taco Bell.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



The Art Of Opposites.


That’s my name.

That’s what I grew up being called as.

Flora Sunnyville.

I never hated my name so much until it came from my boyfriend’s mouth as he tore his lips away from another girl who looked disappointed by this as I might add. I came waltzing into my boyfriend’s apartment with my key which he gave to me on our year anniversary. Which I might add was the day before.

And I had my Christmas present for him in hand as he was going away for the Holiday with his parents in Florida, then coming to spend the day after holidays with my parents and I.

“Flora, it’s not what you think,” Jeff said, pushing the blonde whore in just a bra and skirt, her peach colored blouse on the floor. I hate that line. Why did he have to use that line? I sighed shaking my head, I refused to show any emotion. I simply took a few steps backwards, my pumps clicking against the hardware floors, turned around then finally started walking away. I heard fumbling as Jeff was probably throwing on clothes, “Babe!”

Okay so here is where I regret not taking my little red car on my journey to Jeff’s apartment but Jennifer and I shared a piece of cheesecake at lunch that day so I felt like I needed to walk the five blocks to his house. Even through I was in a red cocktail dress and a puffy coat, my legs exposed to the December chill. So my little escape plan was really hopeless because Jeff can easily catch up with me. Which he did.

“Babe, it’s really not what you think,” Jeff said, buttoning his pants as he walks hurriedly along side me trying to keep up with my pace. It makes it worst actually, reminding me that he was pants-less in the middle of this apartment making out with some blonde chick. I fear to even imagine what I would have walked in on if I were two minutes later into going into his apartment.

“Jeff, if you weren’t just kissing that girl then yes, it’s not what I think,” I shot back, trying to pick up the pace but Jeff’s long legs were nothing compared to my short ones. I sighed, there was no way around this so I just stopped and turned to my boyfriend (correction, ex boyfriend) who was giving me apologetic eyes.

“Look, I’m so sorry, Flora but you’re not giving me what I need as a man...” he started but I cut him off.

“Jeff, you said that you understood when I told you I think we should wait until we go to the next step,” I said, looking away from him and off in the distance, not wanting to look into his eyes after he said that. “I don’t know about you but I’m done talking, done listening. Jeff, what I saw up there was unfaithfulness, which I will not tolerate, which I do not deserve,”

So that’s how Jeff and I broke up, me leaving his cheating jerk self standing there looking like a idiot, snow flakes falling in his hair, he was probably going to get ill without a coat, me walking off staying strong until I fell into Jennifer and my apartment sobbing for the idiot.

I refused to go see my parents in Vermont as they excepting Jeff, I just don’t want to see their disappointed faces, so I stand waving goodbye to my friend Jennifer as she hops into a car with her parents in the front. I sighed and turned back into the apartment building's hallway, I wished that I was with Jeff for one point two seconds before I remembered that damned peach blouse on hardware floors.

I found out that with no work to do with university, life was kind of boring. With a hungry stomach the weekend before Christmas, I wrapped myself in thick cardigans then topping it off with a bulky North Face jacket as I knew it was going to be cold out. As soon as I stepped out the icy wind stung my cheeks so I ducked my head, and moved quickly to the only food place on the block, Mc Donalds. It looked like many others did too because not a seat was in sight when I pulled open the door. I had peered out my window earlier to see the ‘Free Wireless’ sign so I brought my small net book along.

After getting myself chicken nuggets and a fruit smoothie, I looked around and just my luck two police officers finished off their meal. I quickly got the seat happily, starting up my net book as I blew hot air of my hands, rubbing them together.

I started fiddling with my laptop’s wireless settings and not only a couple of seconds later Jennifer and I were face to face via Skype. She beamed at me, her blonde hair done perfectly and from what I could see she looked really nice in a Christmas sweater.

“Hey, beautiful!”Jennifer chipped, she noticed my surrounds and smiled. “McDonalds? Really? Have you lost the Skype class?”

“Since when has Skype been classy?” I teased playfully back.

We chat for about ten minutes as i sipped on my smoothie, her talking about a MTV show that she was addicted with. Just as someone plopped down in the seat infront of me I was ending the conversation with Jennifer.

“Can I sit here?” the guy asked, which was kind of too late because he was already sitting opening his Mc Chicken wrapper.

“Ooo, he sounds hot!” Jennifer shouted, “Have fun! Muah!”

Before I can say anything back to Jen she was already gone, I closed the windows in my laptop languidly then closed the lid just as slowly. The guy looked up from his sandwich and winked at me which I blinked at.

“Who are you?” I asked slowly, “And why are you sitting here?”

“Well,” he dragged out with a breath, “I’m Cade and I’m sitting here because all of the tables are taken. Duh,” he said, he continued on with his eating and I take this time to notice his appearance. A black shirt with white letter’s, ‘it’s so long!’ which I didn’t get. He had shaggy brown hair and tattoos up his neck but he was cute in a bad boy kind of way if your into that sort of thing.

As he crumbled up his wrapper done with his sandwich I thrust out my tiny hand, brightly pink nail polished hand and smiled, “I’m Flora.”

“Nice to meet you, Flora. Thanks for the seat,” he replied, he glanced at my hand with a chuckle and shook his head before throwing away his wrapper and walking out of the restaurant. As he did so I read the back of his shirt. ‘That’s what she said,’ .

Days later I finally decide that I will do last-minute-four-days-before-Christmas gift shopping.

I decided to go to Target which recently opened in Bay View’s center only a week before so I hadn’t been before. I was kind of excited about the whole thing, which was probably why a smile adorned my face as I gripped the red shopping cart as I walked down the first aisle which was clothing.

I remembered my cousin Chelsea was starting university next year and was fussing over new bathroom things, so I headed over to that, following the little signs. As I was mussing over a purple or blue soap holder someone bumped into me, I looked around to see the guy that I met the night before, Cade holding on to a half eaten Taco Bell burrito. He gave me a look, “Excuse me,”

I gave him a look of disbelief. “You bumped into me,”

Cade rolled his eyes, “Whatever. Hang on, you’re weird Mc Donalds girl!”

I just kept staring at him not sure how to answer his out burst, I just went with the smart answer and shot him a small smile then continued on with what I was doing which was holding two different holders thinking about which color I should get.

“Go with that one,” Cade said, taking a bite out of his burrito, startling me, I thought he left during the time I was staring at the two colors. I then notice that he was nodding his head to the lime green one still on the shelf. I gave him a look before placing the purple one down. The lime green one was a nice color.

“Thanks,” I replied, putting down the blue one as well then starting to throw all lime green things into the cart. I didn’t notice that Cade was following me until I heard him swear when I stopped and he crashed into me still walking. I sharply intake a breath at the feel of his hard warm body against mine, I yelped, “Sorry! Why are you following me?!”

“I thought I would help out since I have nothing better to do,” Cade answered with a shrug, his long hair swooshing across his forehead, a white shirt that said in bold black letters ‘Doing your mom.’ with black skinny jeans hanging off his waist and black vans. I don’t go for guys like him but I can’t help but notice how attractive he was.

“Well, thanks I guess,” I said, moving back up the aisle, looking for a bathroom rug, preferably a shaggy one.

“That’s the second time you said thank you,” Cade noted, biting into his burrito glancing around him.

“Well, that’s what you say when you’re grateful,” I said, looking over my shoulder at him, my eyes fell to the five layer burrito. “Can you eat that in here?”

Cade just shrugged, not caring at all if he got caught eating in the middle of the large store.

I just gave him another odd look before looking around for the rug again, I felt Cade bump me aside and take over the cart. I shot him yet another odd look but he just looked me innocently and asked, “What’s next on the list, boss?”

“Um, a rug?” I said, more in an unsure manner as I strode along by his side.

He glanced at me, “Why are you in the bathroom section then? Rugs are by the bed shit,”

I gave him a shrug, “I’m not used to a Target,”

“This is your first time in a Target,” he said back slowly, his eyebrows furrowed deeply as he stared at me as if to make sure I wasn’t lying.

“The biggest store I’ve been to is the Super Market. You know where you buy food,” I explained to him, following him as he lead me to the ‘bed shit’ I presumed. He kept walking until we were nearing the bed sets and like said, a rather limited selection of rugs were hanging. I smiled and quickly grabbed the small fuzzy green bathroom rug set.

“I am the master of color picking,” Cade announced, taking one last bite of his taco then balling it up and stuffing it in his pocket. “What’s next, babe?”

I stopped walking and looked behind me at him smiling innocently, “Babe?”

Cade sighed, “Get you’re panties out of that bunch! I’m just being friendly!”

“Oh,” I responded slowly, then reached into my pocket to pull out the crumbled paper that said, ‘Gift List’ in my messy handwriting, “Okay, so, next is-”

“Yo’ Caden!” Someone shouted, I looked around to see the kind of guy I would only dream of talking to, extremely hot enough to be an male super model. Well maybe I was being over dramatic but he was pretty hot as he was walking down the narrow aisle sporting a leather jacket and snug Levi jeans.

Cade grinned and did a little hand shake with the other guy that I saw my little cousin Jackson do once or twice.

“What are you up to?” I heard the guy ask, looking around Cade to see me staring right at him. He winked at me before returning to Cade lowing his voice a notch, “She’s hot,”

I began to wonder what I had saw in him, he obviously stupid if he thought that I didn’t hear him. Cade looked around at me and raised his eye brows while nodding his head, he turned back around, stuffing his heads in his pockets, “Uh yeah, so what’s up?”

“Grabbing some condoms, bro,” the guy returned loudly, glancing at me and winking. I rolled my eyes and decided to roll my cart on leaving Cade with his weird friend.

I struggled to find everything and had to stop staff twice but I gradually found things on my own. I smiled to myself as I placed my bags in the trunk of the car, “Look at me,” I mumbled to myself, “A girl Christmas shopping at Target without driving an half hour,”

My smile faded as I realized that I have no one to share the awesome news with, maybe Jennifer would be online for skype but I couldn’t help but feeling a pang in my chest because I know it’s not the same seeing Jennifer beam through a screen than holding my hands and jumping in excitement.

Lonely for the holidays.

I sighed as I closed the trunk.

“Caden, dude! I was ready to hit that even though that old lady was behind us!” the guy from the store went on, looking around behind him obviously talking about the blonde perky clerk that had rung me up as well. The other clerks were middle aged so it was most likely, ‘Brittney’ or that’s what it said on the name tag anyway, was the one he was speaking of.

“Yeah, bro,” Cade responded dully, looking around away from the guy, his eyes landed on me and a small smile appeared on his face.

I gave a smile back, the guys turned toward a Jeep, before Cade jumped in, he glanced behind him and gave a wink before jumping into the Jeep.

I stood there still standing in front of the back of my little green car, a honk made me jump, I looked around to see a blonde lady sticking her head out of the window, I could hear the whine and chatter of children behind her, “You almost done?!”

I hurriedly moved into my car and pulled out letting the soccer mom take my spot, I sighed as I drove back to my little apartment waiting for me. Alone.

While other was probably having wine while singing Holiday cheers days nearing the Christmas, I was heading down to the laundry room in my apartment.

As I load clothes into the washer I can’t help but to think about my father singing ‘Pennies from Heaven’ around the house this time of year. Even though my mother would exit her office briefly to yell at him, he would sometimes sing louder on purpose making me burst into a fit of giggles. I smiled a sad smile and mentally noted to call him on Christmas morning.

As I waited for my clothes I ventured over to the small old radio with a thick layer of dust on it, I had no idea who's it was but it had been there since I moved in. I cranked it up and to no surprise it was playing holiday songs, I smiled and thought about my father as he did this motion too but in the house back in Vermont, a mischief smile on his on his face as he knew my mother was working in her office. He would offer me something to pretend as a mic, I remembered once he handed over our dog, Harriet’s, hair brush. We sang ‘Santa Baby’ even though it was weird for him as he was a guy which I would laugh at. Sooner or later my mother came marching down the stairs, not being able to keep a frown too long when she spotted my father rubbing his pecs as he bent down singing along with me. She laughed and joined us. That was a good Christmas, and another sad smile adorned my face which seemed to be my thing lately.

But to my amusement the old radio ended ‘Let it Snow!’ and began the opening cords to ‘Santa Baby’, I smiled, grabbing on to a news paper bundle that someone left with a coffee ring stain on it. I rolled it up and bring it to my lips, “Santa baby, just a stable under the tree, for me, been a awful good girl,”

I spun around while continue along with the females voice crackling through the old speakers, I closed my eyes and the laundry room became my stage, twirled and shook my hips, letting my pinned up hair down, shaking it down, my red ringlets falling around my shoulders. I smirked and swayed my shoulders, “Think of all the fun I missed, think of all the fellas I haven’t kissed,”

“Ba boom, ba boom,” a male voice bellowed, I jumped, startled, and spun around to meet eyes with an amused Cade. My eyes widened, and I swallowed as the female voice went on, “So hurry down the chimney hurry down the chimney...tonight,”

“Aw, don’t stop!” Cade whined with a smirk, then glanced down at my body which was shorts and a big shirt as I haven’t changed since I got out of bed. “I liked seeing you shake your little butt,”

I felt my cheeks warming, ‘little butt’? I sighed and said, “The song is over,”

“Aww, babe, you want me to buy it and I’ll play it, because I would love to see you dance again,” Cade said, lifting his Iphone.

I blushed again, “What are you doing here? In my apartment building?”

Cade blinked, “Mc Donald's girl!?”

I cocked my head to the side, “you didn’t know it was me?”

Cade looked uncomfortable then and mumbled, “I never seen you with your hair down,”

“Oh,” I respond, picking at a lock of thick red hair. “I don’t look good with my hair down,”

I dipped my eyes down at my brightly painted toenails in black flipflops, and was surprised when I felt my hair being pushed behind my ear. I looked up at him surprised and he seemed just as surprised as I am by his actions, “You look amazing with your hair down,”

I smiled at him and he smiled softly back then some one's voice made us both jump, “What is taking you so long? I just as if you could get my clothes from the


Cade dropped his hand from my hair like was on fire and turned to see a guy walk into the room, there was such a resemblance between the two that I could have sworn that they were brothers or even twins.

“Oh, I see why now,” the guy smirked at Cade, “Hey, I’m Caleb, Caden’s brother,”

I smiled back and extended my hand, “I’m Flora. Flora Sunnyville.”

Caden snickered at my name and I shot him a look as his brother took my hand in his, shaking it before glaring at his brother, “Don’t laugh at her,”

“Come on!” Caden returned, “Sunnyville!”

I jumped again as the beep went off for the washer, Caden laughed at me, bending over as he did so. I sighed and put my clothes in the dryer.

“See you later,” Caleb smiled, pushing a laughing Caden out of the door.

It was a random day, the day before the hoilday’s eve. An Ellie Goulding song was playing from my I-Pod dock as I shimmed around my apartment as I was wrapping up presents. The wrapper from Target (my new favorite store around Bay View).

The door got knocked on and I was so into the song that I didn’t think of it, didn’t think of the fact that my apartment door has never been knocked on since Jennifer left and everyone at the university for that matter, spending it with their families.

“Every little heartbeat...” I sung to myself, as I opened the door, I froze seeing Cade there doing a quick checking out of me. I was in my really short cotton shorts and a small tank that showed my midriff.

This is your apartment,” Cade stated, not even asking if i was mine. He chuckled, “What are the odds?”

“Caden,” I breathed, but frowned, when I was creeping around Target looking for a interesting boy munching on a taco, he was no where to be found. When I was minding my own business, Cade wanted to show up with his hands in his back pockets smirking at me.

“Hey, McDonalds girl,” Cade said, pushing past me and waltzing into my apartment like he owned the place.

“It’s Flora,” I noted.

“Same dif,” he said, propping his feet on the small table in front of him.

“Make yourself at home,” I laughed, closing the door and walking over to my Ipod which still had Ellie crying out beautifully, which I would be singing along to if there wasn’t a boy sitting on my sofa with his arms resting on the back of it.

“I live on the floor above this one,” Cade said, as I sat grabbed a sweatshirt from a chair and pulled it on, hopping it would cover up more. “I was asking around for Sugar on my floor but no one is opening up because I’m always asking for food. Ooo, that reminds me. I’m hungry!”

I watched, amused, as Cade rose and headed to the kitchen. But he stopped and looked around confused, “You don’t have a tree?”

“,” I said. Why would I? I’m spending it alone. It would be a waste of time.

He stared at me for the longest of minutes before bending down, grabbing my jeans, that I left on the floor when it was really late and I crashed in the living room. He threw them at me then walked to the door.

“Where are you going?”

“You mean, where are we going? We are going to buy a tree silly willy!” Cade smiled, watching me pull on my jeans then shouted at me to come on as he ran out of my apartment, leaving the door open.

I rolled my eyes and locked the door behind me.

Only ten minutes later that were once again waltzing in Target once again, nary a shopping cart and a burrito from Taco Bell. Cade had his hands in his pocket, still shivering from the icy winds that attacked us when we left the warm apartment building.

“A white one?” Cade drew out dully, starting at me as if I said a purple tree, I shrugged and looked back at the white tree display smiling. “I’m thinking of the green one,”

I rolled my eyes and bumped my shoulder into his, “Who would have though that Caden would be a traditional guy, huh?”

Cade smiled, and it caught me off guard. I never had thought about it but I had never seen him smile, and if I did, I would have realized how handsome he was when he did so. His whole face lights up, his cheeks forming dimples. I just stared at him in awe, not knowing that this man was so handsome.

“What?” Cade asked.

I hurriedly looked away and stumbled over my words, “let’s go with the green,”

Cade smirked, “Really?”

“Yep, but I get to pick the ornaments, I’m thinking all gold and silver things...” I said, grabbing his hand without thinking and leading him to the ornaments. I didn’t realize until we were checking out that our hands were still interlaced as we went on chatting and buying the things needed. I didn’t mind. Actually, his touch sent tingles up my arm.

Later on my Ipod was playing again, an Rhianna song drifting through the apartment, Cade looked at me as he hooked on a little silver ball. “So why are you not with your family for the hoilday anyway,”

I looked at him and sighed, “Well, for starters because my ex Jeff cheated on me about two weeks ago. I didn’t want to face my mom, who is very judgmental about everything I do. It was either see her pity and disappointment or be alone for Christmas,”

Cade winced, “That bad huh?”

I smiled sadly, “You have no idea. So what about you, why aren’t you with your parents?”

Cade swallowed and didn’t answer for a long time, just contuined to put up things on the tree, finally he heard his voice say, “My parents died last year.”

I paused. The only sound was the music playing from the IPod.

Cade laughed bitterly, “I’m not good at this,”

“Good at what?” I breathed.

He placed the silver ball down and came over to me, staring me right in the eyes, he pushed my hair back, “Letting people in,”

I sucked in a breath and smiled, looking him in his blue eyes and never feeling so special for him telling me this. I

“It’s not easy,” I said back.

“’s not,” Cade said, his hand still in my hair, moving to me cheek, caressing it gently. Who knew that the baddest boy could be so gentle? More gentle than posh, polo-shirt wearing Jeff. “It’s hard, because when you open up, you give someone your heart, and they could easily break it,”

“Good thing I never break anything so valuable,” I returned, something flashed in his eyes before he pulled away and sighed. “Uh, I’m just going to make dinner. Are you staying?”

“Yeah, Mc Donald's girl,” Cade said, sending a wink over his shoulder that made me smile before turning and starting on my mom’s famous Christmas Eve pasta.

“Flora!” Cade said, sounding panicked.

I dropped the spoon I was using to stir the pasta and ran in to see Cade just standing next to the finished tree with a smirk on his face, “Made you run,”

I rolled my eyes, “Caden! You scared me!”

“I’m sorry, but c’mere,” Cade said, flicking his finger at me in a ‘come’ motion. I sighed and came over standing in front of him.

Caden slid his arms around my waist, leaning down, his lips very close to mine. I felt my heart speed up at the proximity. Nothing was Platonic about this embrace, and I liked it.

“Cade, what are you doing?” I breathed.

“Look up,”

I did so and almost bent over laughing, on the ceiling was a picture tapped to the ceiling of a mistoe. It wasn’t even a good drawing.


I was cut off by his lips touching mine which sent my heart racing even faster and tingles chilling my spine.I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled against his surprisingly soft lips. His tongue swept my bottom lip and soon we were in a passionate kiss, probably the most heated mistletoe kiss of all time. He pulled back and searched my eyes as he murmured, “Merry Christmas,”

I gave him a confused look and he pointed to the watch wrapped around his wrist.


I looked back at him and said, “Happy Holidays,”

Cade rolled his eyes, “Uh! Mc Donald's girl! Why do you have to be so opposite of me? You could have just said M-”

I pressed my lips to his and said, “Because opposites attract, jerk,”

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