When Paths Collide Part One

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

My journey, submission is not an easy thing to do.

It has come upon me... This day.
Master is going to use Sir to Dom me.
My nerves are so loud they overtake other feelings.
Please settle down my jittering nerves.
I trust him but it's my feelings I can't read. Why is it harder to read me?
I get ready as ordered:
My body
Lay out my toys and restraints
What does he have in store for me.
I think I know but how I will feel I don't.

You are to set the tone right away, before she starts to resist
One hand firmly in her hair, staring straight into her eyes, no smile, yet not angry
In a calm but demanding voice, tell her not this time, resistance is not an option, that there will be consequences.

I parked nearby her house, and walked the short distance; I took the backdoor, she stood there, divine; dressed in long lusting pumps, leather corset, laced panties and a short skirt. All black.
I smiled, and walked up to her.
We kissed passionately and I could feel the tremble in her breath.
After just a few seconds, her hands were all over me, starting to try to undress me. My protocol kicked in. I firmly pulled her hands away, grabbed her by the back of her hair, pulled her back and said:
"You will obey; there is no room for misconduct. If you do not behave, there will be consequences". She started to giggle, and told me to stop this, and tried to get back to undressing me. I pulled her back with her hair. "I am serious about this; there will be consequences if you don't obey." She had a flash of worries crawling over her face. She didn't know how to behave. It was my time to take full control, she sensed it, she needed it, but every essence of her body was fighting it.
I asked her to turn around for me, fuck she was so gorgeous.
I grabbed her by the throat, held her tight, and stroked her wet pussy, through her panties; fuck she was soaking wet. I kissed her neck, whispering some comfort and how beautiful she was. I made it clear to her that we were both there with her, and if she behaved we would fuck her like she never had been fucked before.

I am taken aback as he walks through the door.
So sharp, my heart almost stopped. There he is, my friend, my partner now walking into my territory as my Sir? How dare he wiggle his way back into my world? How did it come to this? He was so close to me but was ready to destroy me just a few weeks ago and now he is getting what he always wanted… Me, my submission, the bastard. It was not ever supposed to happen, we always fought over the power. It’s a love hate lust with us.
No! How can I submit to him, my appetite for him makes me want to rip his heart out. I want to pull his thick hair and steal his kisses. Climb onto him and devour him but on my terms not his. That’s how it has been, that’s the only way. He wakes up the fight in me, to submit to this lover makes my head spin. I don't even know if I can submit at all.

I'm shaking and nervous, I got myself into this but my insides are screaming. My head light and making no sense of the situation, His kisses he forces onto me but I take them greedily, god I love the heat in them. I like his confidence but I want to slap it out of him at the same time. I am overwhelmed but oh my body is failing me with his breathe against my skin, Fuck, I know I am in trouble.

Submitted: December 22, 2014

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Wow! Powerful, I feel the struggle!

Thu, January 21st, 2016 9:20am

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