The Tunnel at the End of the World.

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The end has begun. One person flees underground to escape but soon finds more than they bargained for in the tunnel at the end of the world.

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



Panic had spread , like a disease , through the city streets. Whatever this fear

was , it was rabid. First our street went black , then the things came , then the

screaming began. Whatever had happened was sudden. Whatever had hap-

pened was irreversible.

I took one final look at the moon before I went down , to seek shelter , in the sub-

way. It was unbelievable. The lunar Goddess , the thing which , as a child I had

stared up at in wonderment was now cracked almost down the middle. Could

you ever imagine what horror it was to look up and see what is basically a small

planet split in two. "What the hell could do such a thing?" " Is this the end?" " Is this

night going to be the end of everything?"

Suddenly , to my back , a wall of inhuman screams began along with a rumble

which was building such that the handrail I was holding began to tremble. I

wanted to just run but some terrible curiousity caused me to , once more , look back

at the dying world.

The sky above the horizon had turned from the red fire like tinge of before to

a wall of black. Black deeper than any I had ever known. A wall of debris and

thunder came rushing past and I was thrown screaming down the subway stairs.

My next conscious thought found me running down the dark subway tunnel.

I passed people here and there , most strewn about in a state of shock. Some

dead , some who would die soon by their own hands. I did'nt stop. I did not

want to know what had happened. Somehow I knew that knowing would make

no difference. This was the end and now one could only hide and search for the

last air pockets as the ocean of death washed over us.

That was when I saw her. She was struggling frantically to hold shut some dirty

tunnel door that led God knows where. Her eyes were wide and frenzied as

she saw me come up beside her. " Don't just stand there!" She screamed. " Help me

keep them in!" I grabbed the door without hesitation knowing only that what-

ever they were I damn sure did'nt want to meet them. The door grew hotter and

hotter and screams likes those of beasts sounded from behind it. My arms

were trembling with effort to keep the door from flying open and I knew that any

second my strength would fail. After that who knows , I thought. Would we be devoured ,

tortured , made into slaves for some unthinkable abominations?

Suddenly the girl stepped back. I started to scream , " What the &*#% are you doing!",

but the sound behind the door had gone quiet. As I turned back to ask what had

happened the girl threw her head back and shot a wide grin. " Wow , she laughed ,

that took forever!" I stared at her in utter confusion and turned to open the door.

There on the floor of the confined room were the bodies of a dozen or more men , women

and children smouldering with a sickening burnt stench. I swung around to look at the

still grinning girl but my knees went weak and I fell back to sit against the tunnel wall.

" What the ..... what the #&%@ have you done?" , I screamed. As she looked down I noticed

that her grin had become impossibly wide and her eyes had turned completely and utterly

black. " What?" She laughed , as she walked toward me with fingers growing into razored

claws. " Sometimes I like my meat cooked".



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