Love Lives Forever

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I wrote this for my creative writing class. [10th Grade]

Submitted: December 28, 2008

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Submitted: December 28, 2008



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Jane was preparing for her evening. After hours of searching through old blouses, skirts, and dresses, she came across a lovely gown. It was a bold white trimmed with layers of lace and beads. When her soft hand touched the satin fabric, she winced, recollecting the memories that dwelled within the dress.

It was an icy December night. Snowflakes were falling—almost dancing, peacefully from the cold, dark sky, and the woods had a soothing silence about it. As moments passed you could hear the occasional squirrel crunching through the snow or a bird’s quiet call, but mostly there was only silence. Jane and Michael sat nearby on an old fence with chipped, white paint. Together, they stared into the night sky. She never knew anyone quite like Michael. His skin was just as soft as a newborn child’s, his lips perfectly resting beneath his nose. He had the kind of rock star hair that other men must dream to have, the kind that stuns women, lures them in, but the one thing that kept Jane so attracted to this man, was his eyes. They were a dark magical shade of amber that hinted passion. When looking into them, one would nearly fall silent, dumb-stricken, by the wonder that dwindled beneath.

Looking into the surrounding woods, Michael whispered in Jane’s ear so faintly she wasn’t even sure of what he had said, but as he jumped off the fence and fell to one knee, she understood.

Tears in her eyes, Jane hugged him tight, as tight as she could. She never wanted to let go. She loved him more than anything in the world, and knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life in his arms, but there was weakness in those long, muscular arms, that no one saw. It was not always apparent, nor was it overtaking, but it lingered each and every day.

The couple prepared in every way for the wedding, and when it finally came, they knew they were making the perfect choice. The day of the wedding was beautiful. The church stood calmly in its surreal home amongst the great oak trees. As the guests arrived, remarks were made about the bride and groom, but all were pleasant.

When the wedding began, peace was evident, and when Jane walked through the doors, in the stunning gown, tears came to Michael’s eyes. Every one could see, as she walked down the aisle, the love that these two people shared, but as Jane took the final step to the altar, her lover fell to her feet. Panicking, Jane knelt down screaming for help. She did not understand what was occurring before her completely, but she knew from the moment his body hit the ground, great sadness and torture to the heart would surely follow. Time seemed to stop around the couple. The blurred guests were running trying to help the groom but all was lost. He had no heartbeat, no breath, and nothing in the world seemed to matter anymore. Other guests tried to help the still screaming Jane into the back room, but it was no use. Jane lay with her head upon the chest of her groom for hours, tears streaming from her eyes. The woods around the church seemed to fall silent to this horrific event. They seemed to know the love that lingered in every touch, every kiss, and as the wind blew past the open windows of the church, one could hear the voices of the vows that were never read at the altar, the vows of two people truly and ultimately in love.

Dropping the gown, Jane staggered to the lavatory counter, choking back tears. She had locked that dress away for a reason. The unbearable pain it brought her was incomprehensible. As she looked up, she struggled to see her own reflection through her watery eyes, but when she first caught glimpse of what she had become-- a memory-haunted girl with a mascara mask now dripping down her face, her devastated hand smashed the mirror that towered above her. Shards of glass rained down around her. Her desperate hope that one would stab her broken heart was also shattered when she remained unharmed.

She fell and hastily grabbed a long jagged dagger, but as she held it to her chest, her shaking hand did not allow the fragment to pierce her skin. However, she had no will to live, nor was she frightened to meet death. Again, she tried to end her strife, but this time, she felt a warm hand grab her arm. In awe, Jane let the shard escape from her fingers and fall to her lover’s feet.

“Michael?” babbled Jane in disbelief, as he embraced her broken body, and helped her up off the floor. His gentle smile told her that it was not her time to go, and to trust, that he would make her life bearable again, but as her eyes met his, the strong amber turned to a petrified green. It wasn’t Michael at all, but her brother, scared to death and trying to save his poor sister.

For the first time in so long, Jane felt comfort again; she felt that she did just see Michael, and that she would inevitably see him again, and that she could wait on this Earth until their next meeting when they would have an eternity together.

Faintly, two whispers then reached her ears. They both said the same; one the voice of her brother’s, one the voice of Michael’s.

“I’m here for you, Jane. I’m here for you now.”

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