I'll be waiting for you

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Explore the pain and hurt that's inside friend, sisters or brothers and loved ones the pain will never die we learn each day how to survive while we wait in till its time the right time to be reunited together.

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013





Your name reminds me of heart ach

Every time it is said before me

Wishing you would appear

In front of my eyes out of thin air

 You left me behind

It took you away to another place

I hope you are not alone

As I am here

Friends and family are all around

They offer comfort and peace

None compares to you

You knew you had to  leave someday

My heart tells me this to

I don’t exist there

Were ever you are

All I can do is to imagine you up there

But how do I know the truth

I miss the love you gave to all

You would light up the room

Pictures that’s all I have

The things we did, the memories we made

I shatter that there will be no more

 I shall be with you one day

Thou I hope It’s not long

We said we’d get through this

Of the pain and suffering

I stand here now

Looking before me into your heart

Is it really you?

Surrounded by your presence

I feel you everywhere

I’m here all the time

Where else is there to go

My pain dies as I get close

It burns as I go

Let the tears fall down

I wish no one would see

Two broken pieces

I know they will never fix

Our love will never fade

I am sure of this

Our love is strong

I will never love anyone as I do you

The pieces will remain apart

In till I am with you

I’ll wait for are love to be united

As I know it is the only option for me to take

I will not go down that path

Many have but all i see is sadness

Thou will remain in many of hearts forever

 I can feel you with me

Thou I don’t know how long you will be

Before it bought us closer

Now it has taken you from me 

You are not with me 

I face the world alone

When my life is at its end

I’ll come willing I am not frighten

I have waited patiently for a lifetime

To see you again to be held in your arms

I promise i'll be with you soon 

My guardian angel 

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