Ahhhhhh!!!!!! The Dangerous Sickness

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It was Saturday December the 8th. I had just pulled up to my best friend Gina's house. I walked in and she was very sick. Her face had turned green she was shaking like she had just seen something horrific. I asked what had happend. She replied "I don't know". I told her "we need to get to a hospital and quick"! I immediately rushed to get the car started. I walked back in picked her up and carried her to the car. I put her in the front seat. The hospital was about ten minutes away. When we finally arrived. I walked in and told the lady at the counter what had happend. She got taken in immediately. The doctor had just walked in. "What happend" he asked in a worried voice. "Well I don't exactly know. I was driving to her house to give her a shirt I bought for her. But when I walked in she was shaking and her face was green!" I told him eagerly. "Oh! Is that all?" He asked me worried. "That is all I recall." I told him. "Okay I will be back in a few minutes." A few minutes later he walked in with a worried look on his face. "She has a stomace bug." he said. "Is that all?" I asked him confused. "Well that's why she was green. But it still dosn't explain the shaking." He told me. I started to get really scared. I had no idea what had happend before I got there. What could she have seen? I asked myself. I wanted to go back to her house so bad. But I was too scared to go alone. So I decided I would go back home and get some clothes and spend the night at the hospital with her. The next day when I woke up she looked a lot better. "Do you feel anybetter today?" I asked her hopefull. "Actually I am! I can remember what happend." She told me with excitement. "Really? What happend?" I asked curiously. "I was digging through my stuff and I found a lot of money hidden! It was so weird because I didn't remember putting it there. I started to count it and thats when I  started to shake. I had found over one million dollars!" She told me. "Wow! That's amazing!"

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