dreams are "blowing"

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Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



As I lay in my bed looking at the ceiling, and hit my joint....I close my eyes and slowly begin to drift in a dream.

"Hey man, watch were you walk." I quickly realized I'm at school. "Shittttt I'm never smoking again." I accedintly bump into a pregnant teacher. "I'm so sorry!" She angrily replies "you have detintion miss Nicole! Go to the office." I slowly turn around and go to the office. I knock on the door and this amazing attractive man softly says "come in." I walk in and BAM! I see one of the assistant principles that runs CTAE hall. Very well broaded shoulders, spiked short hair, pretty hazel eyes, smirky grin, and absploutle soothing voice. He smiles and I slowly close the door. "Uhm I accedintly bumped into that pregnant teacher." He gets up, rushes over and shakingly ask "is she okay?!" "Yes" I reply "I didn't even bump her hard." He smirks and rubs his welly shaved chin...."show me exactly how you bumped her." I lay my stuff on his floor by the desk. I turn to him...look at his eyes...bite my lip and quickly change my thoughts. I look at my feet and try and walk into him like I did her... but I was thinking about him and walked straight into him...my boobs was pressed to his chest, I shockingly grabb him and he grabs my waist. "Oh no" I look. He looks at the floor..."You seemed to have kicked your paper out". He lets go and picks up the paper.....

Paper says: Friend: "Would you rather eat 1,000 rotten eggs or sleep with the CTAE principle, welding teacher, and the guy named coach Avera?" Me: ~cautiously chooses the second one~ Friend: Oh my gosh, why would you do them? You know I meant all three at once?! Me: Oh well if I got to do them and it had to be all three at once, so be it. Lets rumble. Friend: haha maybe they'll see this and you'll get in "trouble".

He is shocked as he finishes. "B.C. is this really you? Did you legit write this?" I slowly look down and nod my head. He goes to his desk and calls the welding teacher and coach up to his office....at the end he says "come in 10minutes." he walls back over and hardly slams me to the wall and pins my hands above me....I look at him in shock, but he soon makes that face change. He forcefully kisses me and I kiss back. "I have always known you looked at me sexually. (bites my neck) I just wish you would've told me sooner." he slowly undresses me and acknowledges every section of my body. Biting his lip he kisses me and slowly rubs my clit. He smiles as I slightly moaned "I'll leave your bra and underwear on so when the others get here and you walk in we can have fun." (A knock comes from his door) he opens the other door and says "please go into the teachers lounge for a minute" I exit and they are all three in his office together...."hey you guys, thanks for coming.....lets talk...." "I know everybody knows B.C?" "of course....yes.." "read this paper."...."oh my goodness.....mmmmmm......teenagers I swear....." "so how about we all give her a treat?" "I think that's a great idea....yea me too....where is she?" (he slowly opens the door) Mmmm come in here beautiful. I look around...all three men I think is highly attractive is standing here in the same room as me....WHILE IM HALF DRESSED!!!!!! First the principle comes and says "you know what your getting punished for?" I slowly say "uhm yes, the paper." he quickly laughs "no, for pushing the pregnant teacher"

He starts rubbing my clit again and the welding teacher and coach come and start messing with my boobs as they bite their lips....I slowly rub J.F's buldge in his pants and he bites my lip...I giggle and unzip his pants. He has the hardest most nicest cock I've ever seen. He picks me up and lays me on his desk. B.M (aka the welding teacher) gets his nice hard cock out and I start to suck him slowly but meaningful....the coach comes over and I start to Jack him off...his cock is soft but as soon as I touch it gently and he looks at me if gets so hard and amazing.....J.F. Grabs my sides and fucks me so hard you can hear the moan with B.M.'s hard penis in my mouth. I stop sucking B.M and start on the coach and while I'm doing that J.F. slowly pulls out and starts eating me out. When I say he knew how to use his toungue I mean yessss he did. He twisted, scooped, slowly fast....everything he could do with his tounge....he did... Slowly I'm being bent over a chair...I start blowing J.F. and the welding teacher B.M. starts pounding my tight pussy...a loud very sexual moan comes and and B.M. claws my hips and the coach starts playing with my boobs. Soon I realize this is what I needed that day. B.M. pounding the fuck out me until I cum all over his hard cock....J.F. Skullfucking me until he cums all in my mouth...and the coach bending me over the desk fucking my ass so hard I leave marks on the desk.

When I wake up from smoking my joint I was sitting in the principles office...looking into their faces....wondering what just happened....as I relook I'm simply laying on my bed wondering what shit I just smoked..."Whoaaaa. That was a crazy dream"

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