A Christmas Miracle

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A touching Christmas Poem

Submitted: November 24, 2010

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Submitted: November 24, 2010



"Twas the night before Christmas as a
mother was putting her children to bed,
when she overheard her youngest child said:
Dear God,I have been a good child this year.
I didn't ask Santa for no gifts when in fact it is
in You that I truely believe.
God please let good tidings go to the
one's whom are in desperate need.
And God, whatever Santa gives to me I rather
You give it to a child whom
will have no presents under the tree.
For you see God,I am a very Blessed
child for I have you living in me.
God if it not be too much asking tomorrow
I ask You to take the feast
off our table and feed the one's whom
lives so lonely out in the streets.
Take every crumb if you must and
not let one single soul go hungry.
And God,shelter them in Your warmth
and let them know that someone in the
world really cares.
God I cannot thank you enough for
coming into my life and filling my
heart with the goodness that You
I will be celebrating Your birth while
others have forgotten what the true
meaning of what Christmas is all about.
With you in my life God,I know I am a
millionaire although I am poor.
I walked,I stumbled and I crawled just to
be where I am at today just to have You in
my heart to feel the love of my Master Divine.
As I close this prayer of mine,
Dear Lord,please bring happiness to
our Troops whom long to be home with their
loved ones.
Lord please wrap Mommie in your tender
embrace and take away her pain.
Place her sleepless nights with peace.
And God,let her know that Daddy still
loves her although the times of war took
Daddy home to be with You.
I better go God,I love you my precious Lord
and I know you will answer this prayer of
With silent tears running down her face
she knew that in the beauty of her daughter,
that all things are possible.
Christmas morning,there was no presents under
the tree and no Christmas feast about the table.
The Lord giventh,the Lord takenth
away as His Child had asked.
A knock upon the door came,the children was
standing behind their mother as she answered.
Too astonished to move,tears flooding
in love was all people great and small
that God had shared the gifts of love to.
As I watched in clue as a envelope was handed
to Mommie was a faded letter written from Dad.
I will never forget the peace that day.
Mommie opened the letter and on a faded piece
of paper was the words
"I will always love you!"
Always remember that there is more
to Christmas than gifts!There are
Miracles when in Christ you believe!

Written: December 10,2006
By:©Trish Williams

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