M-Theory Explored

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The beginning stages of exploration into using meditation and control of the mind, to explore the theory of the Multi-verse.

Submitted: June 20, 2018

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Submitted: June 20, 2018



M-Theory Explored

Ch.1 Lets start at the beginning


Before we begin, a basic understanding of M-Theory, or the Multiverse Theory, must be understood.  In a nut shell: At the time of the “Big Bang” everything in existence was at a stage of a singularity.  Meaning, that all that we know, was compressed down to a single atom.  What is unknown, is what caused the trigger to make that singularity expand with such a force, as to create everything we know in our universe.  The theory of the multiverse, is that the force at which our universe expanded, may have caused a ripple effect, bringing other universes into existence.  Thus the name “Multiverse” or parallel universes.

In our universe, every choice you make in your life, from the time you are born until the time you die, has multiple choices; do I do my homework, or go play outside?  Do I call this person back, or ignore the call?I’m hungry, but have no money: do I steal this food so I can eat, or leave the store and suffer?  This list goes on and on.  In this existence, you made a choice, and a domino effect began based off of that choice.  While the Multiverse theory allows for other dimensions where in that same exact situation, you made a different choice, and a different set of dominos began to fall.  This can also be thought of as the butterfly effect. 

Now we move onto the more mystic aspects of this situation.  Stephan King, the author of so many world famous horror stories, was once quoted in an interview as to how he wrote such amazing work.  He stated he would lay down, and through meditation, would enter into the first stage of R.E.M.While in this meditative state, he would visualize an entire story, then spend the years it took to put it to paper for the world to enjoy.  As crazy as that sounds, meditation has been used for much more bazaar feats.  There are mystics who use similar methods to heal, Qui Gong is one of the more famous.  Using meditation to channel energy used to heal others.  Psychics like Nostradamus and Edgar Casey used meditation to envision future events. 

Let us move on to more modern ideas though, shall we.  A movie called “The Discovery” released in 2017.  The basis about the movie poses an interesting thought process if allowed.  In the movie: Scientific proof of the afterlife has been discovered.  When you die here, there is proof of a life after death.  If you wish to see the movie, which I recommend, please skip the remaining of this paragraph, as spoilers are given.  In the movie, a device is built to not only read brain wave patterns, but to see a visual representation of what the person is seeing after death.  The main characters son is skeptical of the new discovery, and being a neurosurgeon, goes to his father to find out the science of this new revelation.  The movie opens with the Son on a Ferry, traveling to an island where his father is living.  He sees a woman on the Ferry as well, gets a feeling of Deja-vu, ignores it.  Getting sea sick, reaches into his pocket for medication, being grateful he brought it.  He chose not to speak to the woman, and kept wondering why he brought the pills with him.Fast forward a bit, and the woman turns out to be someone who is troubled, looking for more information on what the next life may hold for her.  While investigating, they discover little details missing or not matching up right from a person who died, and what they are seeing in this “afterlife”.  In this life, someone had a tattoo on one arm, but in the discovery video, it was on the other arm, things of that nature.  The main characters son, who is skeptical of this new found discovery, is killed.  When he awakens, he finds himself on a fairy, crossing a body of water, looking at the same woman from the beginning.  The whole point of this rambling, is that in the movie, when you die here, you go to a parallel universe at a pivotal moment, and given the chance to make a different choice than what you made before.  The drawback: you have no memory of the life you just left behind. 

All of this got me to thinking: could there be parallel universes all around us?  No one knows what happens when you die, what if this theory is on to something?  Einstein stated energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, it would be a valid option of the soul leaving this dimension, and going onto the next.  Plus, it could be a possible explanation to Deja-vu, that odd feeling like you have been somewhere before, when you have never actually been there.  Even a possible reason for that feeling that you should or shouldn’t do something.  I know, a lot of people believe that is your conscious trying to guide you, but what if it isn’t?  What if it is memories from another life, or another universe, trying to steer you down a different path?  What if dreams are your consciousness traveling to these others universes?  It could explain why some dreams “feel so real”.  Most dreams, people see and hear, but don’t feel.  Think about this: when you dream, do you feel the sun warming your body?  Do you feel the wind through your hair?  Generally people don’t feel these things.  Because a dream is a visual representation of the mind.  But what if, on those rare occasions when you do feel those things in a dream, it’s because your consciousness has left this universe, and tapped into another one?  What if you are riding along, so to speak, in your body in another universe? 

A lot of “what ifs” have been posed, so I made the conscious effort to attempt to get a better understanding of these odd thoughts that were plaguing my every waking thought.  Before we delve into this further, allow me to explain a little about myself. 

In my teens, I suffered a mental breakdown.  My mind fractured, and ultimately resulted in a diagnosis of Schitzo-effective, Schitzo-typal, and Schitzoid personality disorders.  Not understanding what was going on, or why I now was hearing voices talking to me, I attempted to approach it from a logical stand point.  I didn’t want to go on medication, and figured there must be a reason for what was going on.  So, I attempted to open a dialog with “the others” that would never shut up in my head.  After explaining that if we work together, and everyone follows certain rules, there would be no reason for medication, nor for anyone else to find out we are damaged, and get locked away in a padded cell.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a hug every now and then, but wearing a jacket that forces you to hug yourself rather constantly, is not my idea of a good time.  I like myself enough, I don’t need to hug myself by force, while having drugs pushed down my throat that would make me drool on myself.

I chose to visualize a large conference table, no head, everyone equal.  While laying down in the dark, I visualized sitting at the table, and asking everyone else to join me to discuss the situation.  To my surprise, I could feel them sitting, but couldn’t see anyone.  One voice proceeded to explain that when the fracture happened, they were created.  Each of them took charge of a particular aspect of my personality that would have otherwise been lost in the split.  It wasn’t until later that I asked to assign names, to be able to communicate easier with each one on a more personal level.  Doyle is in charge of my sense of humor, Eliza my passion, Simon is anger, and Baal took wisdom or intelligence.  The names, they chose themselves, and it all works out rather well.  They don’t take over and block me out, and in return they are permitted to come out at agreed apon times. The only reason I even mention all of this, is because they have been rather helpful in my thought process behind all of this.  After all, I have multiple other people I can discuss ideas and theories with, without even having to open my mouth.  It has its advantages.  So, since that has been touched on, let us continue, shall we?


Chapter 2

Prep and first attempt


Why is a soap bubble round?  Answer: because is it the most energy efficient configuration in existence.  When existence started with the big bang, what if all of these other universes were floating around, in the same space and time as us, just on a different frequency?  For some time, I have been contemplating the idea of O.B.E (Out of Body Experience) and the idea of Astroprojection.  I know, we seem to be getting off track, but follow me here for a second.  If people can experience an OBE, why couldn’t they travel to another universe?  The consciousness has already left the body, the hard part is over.  I tried mentally visualizing myself going to other places in the world, places I missed from my youth, places all over the world.  What if it’s a matter of just opening your mind, and posing the simple desire to go to one of these other universes?  I was determined to try.  After all, what’s the worst that could happen?  So, after putting my 2 year old daughter to bed for the night, kissing my girlfriend Sam goodnight, I laid down, and set about my task. 


Sam and Juniper 2.0

One moment, I am staring at the wall, waiting for sleep to take me.  In the blink of an eye, I am standing in a park near a lake or pond.  Definitely man-made, as it was lined with beautiful formed stones.  It was a crisp fall afternoon, and the wind had a slight bite to it.  Clouds blocked most of the sun, giving the world a gray look.  In front of me, maybe 20 feet, was a woman sitting on a bench.  A child of maybe six or seven years old was playing in the grass a few feet in front of her.  As I slowly walked towards the woman, she spoke without even turning to look at me.  “About time you showed up, we have been expecting you.”  The tone in her voice was knowing, while being rather “to the point”.  I was confused, on multiple aspects.  I still continues towards her and the child, who looked familiar.  The little girl looked up at me, our eyes locked, and I knew who she was…… my Juniper!  I stopped next to the bench, in shock.  How could this be my daughter?  She is only two years old, and sleeping in bed.  Where am I?  I don’t know this place, I have never seen it before.  Yet, here is my daughter playing in the grass, several years older than she should be!  I turned to face the woman, and saw Sam!  The years had taken a slight toll on her, but she was still as beautiful as the moment I kissed her good night and laid down to…..  “I know you are confused, have a seat.  Bug, go play for a little bit while Mommy talks to this man.”  Bug is the nickname we call our Juniper, but why am I “this man”? 

“What’s going on?  Where am I?”  I was so confused, and felt like time was short for some reason.  “You said you would be coming today.  Your idea of traveling to other universes, was right.  You being here is proof.”  I was speechless, confused, my mind running a million miles an hour.  “What do you mean?  If I am in another universe, where is the me that is supposed to be here?”  Sam turned to look me in the eye.  With tears running down her cheek, and a crack in her voice she simply stated “You died, and were burned here on this lake as you always wanted.  A semi-Viking funeral.”  She then leaned forward, and on the bench, sure enough, was a plaque with a “In loving memory” message with my name.  I wanted to ask what happened, how I died, but every time I tried to ask, the words wouldn’t come out.  Pain began to rip through me as a light sprinkle of rain began to fall.  Juniper slowly walked up to the bench, never turning her gaze from me.  I reached my arm out, and hugged Sam to me as we both began to cry.  As Sam melted into tears against my chest, a small voice spoke.  “Daddy?  Mommy said you would come today, but we aren’t allowed to talk about it.”  I reached out my free arm, and scooped Juni up, and held her close to me.  “I’m so sorry my little Angel.  I’m sorry I had to go away.  I love you more than anything in the world, never forget that Juniper.”  Every nerve in my body was on fire, all I knew was pain.  It was as if the longer I stayed, the more the pain became real.  “Can you stay?”  Her little blue eyes threatened to start flowing with tears, and I lost it.  I could barely see her through my own tears.  “I don’t know baby.  I don’t even know how I got here in the first place.  But I will do everything I can to come back as often as possible.”  “But if you come back, your Juni will lose her Daddy.We can share you.”  I bent my head to kiss her forehead.  “You need to go back, before you die here and there.  You will come back in time, you said it has to be done in steps to begin with.  In time, you will get better at choosing where and when you can go.  Talk to me about this when you get back, so I know about it.”  Sam leaned over, kissed me softly on the lips, Juni kissing my cheek.  As they pulled away, I felt like I was falling, and woke up.

I sat up in a panic, it all felt so real!  Where did this all come from?  Why did I dream this?  I turned to see Sam sleeping soundly, and climbed out of bed.  I went to my computer desk, lit a cigarette, and opened a can of Mt. Explosion.  The sound of Juniper sleeping and breathing streams from the baby monitor on the other side of the room.  My body hurt, my brain ached, and everything seemed unreal.  “Hey!  Where the HELL did you go?”  A voice boomed in my head.  Eliza sounded panicked, terrified.  “I didn’t go anywhere, I was sleeping.  Why?”  I thought to myself, not being awake enough to be berated by a voice in my broken mind.  “When you fell asleep, you were gone.  You left us here, how did you do that?  Where did you go?”  If I wasn’t already suffering a head ache from being confused, I certainly was now.  “He traveled.  He left this existence, and went to another.  Welcome back, the pain will pass shortly.”  Baal doesn’t speak often, but when he does, it was usually rather profound.  Kind of like how you would think it would be talking to Confucius: vague, but deep and meaningful once you figured out what he was talking about. 

As I sat, the sun began to rise through the blinds in my apartment.  Sam would be waking up soon-ish, as well as Juniper.  Then comes the task of doing as I was told: Telling Sam about my conversation with Sam.


More to continue if people ask for it.  I wanted to get this down, as I have a horrible memory, and don't want to forget what has happened so far.

Is this true?  Is this just a made up story?  Is this just a sugar coated attempt at explination at a secret experiment?  You tell me, perhaps I will tell you if you are right or wrong.


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