The Witness to it all - Part 2

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Part 2 of a short story about Daniel and his discovery of a portal to a parallel world.

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



Returning up the mountain and the cave, he made his way back to civilization. Returning home with its modern appliances, he made the choice there and then that he would live in both of the worlds and use the best from his to make a better life for himself there. And they were going to help him, even if they didn’t know it. He went to a local jeweler with some of the trinkets the villagers left him. To them, they were trinkets, in his world, the diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and opals were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. His new found wealth helped him to protect what he now considered his. He purchased the land from a local logging company. Since they decided the land was not producing and was lacking in any other value to them, he practically stole it from them for pennies on the dollar.


Now to set his plan in action, he contacted a geologist, and architect, drawing up plans and built a home on the plateau. It was lucky, at least the architect thought it was that he would buy land that had an artesian well on the spot he was planning on developing, but in truth he had noticed the water in the other world. It didn’t take much work to run the water from the well to the house. And now he was set, the plateau floor was designed as a garage with a 12 foot ceiling and large roll-up doors. Daniel had the best security system he could find installed on the house and surrounding grounds. He brought into the house, by traveling to many of the surrounding cities, all of the supplies he would need to build his new home on the other side of the portal as he was now calling it. Through trial and error he found the portal was rather large, and could accommodate even a pickup truck. Although getting it to the other side was easy getting it out of the cave and actually using it was not easy.


Once a month or so he would visit the village, always bringing something with him. He would bring a deer or two, medicine when needed and such. This seemed to keep the trinkets coming in on a regular basis. He was now considered a wealthy man. His life was now considerably different than it was a few months before. Days were spent just moving supplies from one side of the portal to the other. Weeks went by while he used concrete and surrounding materials to make the plateau disappear into what to the untrained eye was simply a trail up to a cave. The plateau had been changed into a slope that appeared almost as natural as the surrounding hillside and If it had been there forever. There were some slight abnormalities of course the surveillance cameras built into rock outcroppings and the trees. Automated machine gun turrets were set back into the rock outcroppings and were almost invisible due to the way Daniel had designed the openings. Windows into the place were set back into the rock with overhangs that shielded them from the sun, so there would be no glare during the day and with blackout curtains, no light at night. The artesian well now provided Daniel with running water and an actual stream from the hillside that mimicked a real artesian spring. The stream held another purpose though it was used to power two small generators providing him with all the power he would ever need. The actual cave with the portal had been transformed into a storage facility complete with cold storage, refrigerators and deep freezers. There were lines of shelves with food and staples, weapons and ammo, medicines and other medical supplies. But most of all a secret door built on both sides of the portal to hide it away from anyone who might stumble upon this unique storage locker. The actual house itself was pretty large with a huge kitchen, dining room and four bedrooms upstairs. The master bedroom had of course more hidden gadgets from the sound system, LCD televisions and monitors for the security system, to the actual bathroom complete with Jacuzzi tub and six head shower. Each of the other bathrooms had enough beds to sleep 12 people fairly comfortably. The kitchen had a fire pit with a grilling grate and large skillet built onto it. There were two hearth ovens and behind false walls a six burner oven and a large microwave on one side and an extra large side by side fridge. The dining room had a large wooden table with chairs and benches, a large chandelier and wall sconces, two sideboards and a ton of dishes and silverware. Speakers from the stereo were built into the walls and were for the most part invisible. Torch holders and candles everywhere kept the place at best somewhat at a level with the society. Also for any strangers that happened to stop by there was the ante chamber, which appeared as a simple one room cave home with nothing of interest just a bed of grasses and sticks and a small fire pit in the center of it. There was a curtain hanging from a rock outcrop to keep the cold from coming in and another in front of the bed. They were there for two reasons, to make things look realistic and to hide the trap door into the house, with the front curtain open the door behind the second would not open thanks to sensors installed in the top.


Daniel was so caught up in what he was doing it wasn’t till he was almost done with the construction that things started to appear to him that he had not noticed before. The time in this world of his, was moving at a more rapid pace then he had realized. What had taken him only a couple months had according to the local inhabitants was actually almost a hundred years. The quaint little village had grown to more than twice its size and the people there regarded him as a wizard of sorts, he had been there forever and never seemed to age to them. The original group of villagers were long gone and had been replaced with younger more superstitious people. He had over the last few months picked up the language and was rather fluent in it. He finally decided it was time to stop going to the village and let a select few of the villagers know that he could be found in the hills to the north in a small cave if they needed anything. So began his life as the wizard of ragged top (as the villagers called the mountain that he was living on). He was spending less time there now that he realized the time difference. The sensors were set to alert him if anyone was wandering the woods around. He would then go over to their side and await them in the cave. When a long period of time passed between trips from the villagers he grew concerned and wandered down to the village to discover that what had become a bustling little town had been raided by a group of warriors from the south. Most of the citizens were dead or severely injured. Daniel did what he could for the wounded ones. This changed everything, with most of the village destroyed, he found the villagers somewhat angry that he had not been there in their time of need. Daniel explained that he would help track down the warriors if they wanted. The only thing he asked of them was that they stay out of his way. He had grown fond of a few of the town’s people over time and finding them dead really changed his world.


Having wisely invested the money he had gotten for all of the gems and other trinkets he had gotten over the past. His arsenal had grown to include all sorts of weaponry. Packed up with everything from silenced sniper rifles to Mac 10’s and grenade launchers and anti-personnel mines, he was ready to leave when it occurred to him that this could be bigger than he had expected. He returned to the armory and by the time he had finished packing up he now had night-vision goggles and enough ammo to start a small war.


The trail of the warriors was one of the easiest to follow. They had no need to worry as far as they could tell no one could possibly threaten them. As it turned out they were wrong. Daniel caught up to them in two days. Keeping downwind he watched them for a few hours and came up with a plan. He rode ahead of them on the horse the villagers had given him and waited in the next little valley they would cross. When the warriors came upon him, dressed in rags and huddled by a small fire. Rather than kill him, they ridiculed him and roughed him up a bit, then they asked him what was ahead of them. He told them of a village a couple of valleys further away that he had been headed towards but he had come back when the rest of his trading party was killed in what he could only describe as an attack by ghosts and magic.


They laughed at him and called him a foolish old beggar, nothing could stop them, whether it was ghosts or magic. So they laughed at him some more, took his knife that the villagers had given him, saying he didn’t need such a feeble little toy. And off they went, when they were out of sight, Daniel scampered up into the woods and retrieved his horse and rode ahead into the next valley.  He set up a few remote smoke bombs and mines in one of the clearings. He set up wireless speakers in some of the trees surrounding the clearing and trip wires in the few paths into the clearing. The warriors came into the clearing a little while later. Now to see if the plan worked as well as Daniel hoped it would. When one of the warriors hit a tripwire, the speakers he had set up began a wailing sound that turned to chanting. The warriors all stood around ready for battle from this new foe. When they reached the center of the clearing he set off the smoke bombs and waited. The chanting from the speakers was getting louder and the warriors looked more nervous. Although there were some 30 or so warriors he estimated, the next few minutes saw that number reduced at an increasingly rapid rate. He picked off the warriors that had moved to the trees and it soon became obvious that the men were beginning to worry that the old beggar they had met before had been right. The sniper rifle he had was silently killing them off one by one. His choice of explosive tipped bullets was even better. As men approached the trees their heads exploded. All of this was occurring as the chanting from the speakers was getting louder. A group of four broke off at a run only to trigger one of the mines Daniel had placed near the edge of the woods. They all were blown apart in a heartbeat and the rain of blood and body parts instilled more fear into the men. Now was the time for Daniel to finish his campaign against them, now dressed all in black he walked out into the clearing, and waving his hand in the air the chanting abruptly stopped. He looked at the warriors, whose numbers were almost half of their original group. He told them to pick one of their group to return to their home and warn them not to travel this way again. He told them they had picked the wrong villages to plunder and to never return to the north again. They couldn’t help but laugh. The laughing stopped when he raised his hands and six more of the warriors dropped dead from his silenced Mac 10’s. To the warriors all they saw were flashes of light and smoke as their comrades fell dead next to them. Once again Daniel asked them to pick a member of their group to return home with his warning, once again Daniel raised his hands and another group fell to the ground. Enraged the remaining warriors charged him only to fall dead at his feet. To his surprise there was one left crouching on the ground. Fear was in his eyes as Daniel approached him. He very calmly told the warrior that if they ever came back he would seek out their village, and kill everyone there and in all of the surrounding villages for good measure. Daniel touched the end of one of the Mac 10’s to his forehead and it instantly seared a perfectly round circle into his skin. Falling backwards the warrior felt his forehead, and Daniel told him he was now marked for life, if the warrior ever returned here again the dead in the woods would rip him and his party apart piece by piece. The warrior gathered himself up and ran as fast as he could towards his home wherever that may be.


Daniel now realized the power that he had over this land of the past. He spent that night and the next day burying the dead bodies on the ground around him. When he left the clearing looked as though nothing had happened. All evidence was gone and even after what felt like a scene out of a horror film; there were not even bullets in any of the bodies he had buried. He returned to the village and let them know that the warriors were all dead, and that he had let one of their group live to warn the rest that they never come this way again. With that done and out of the way he returned to Ragged Top somewhat happy, yet also somewhat dismayed by how easy it was for him to kill all those warriors without a second thought to taking that many lives. A couple days later a group of villagers came to his cave seeking an audience with him. As he ushered them into his little cave he sat with them and found to his surprise that one of the group, a young women was his gift for ridding them and the surrounding villages of the warriors. Not really knowing how to respond to this “gift”, he asked why they felt this was an appropriate gift, only to find that they knew he was alone here and felt that he needed company in the woods on the cold lonely nights. And to them it was the only real thing of any value that they could offer a wizard like him. She would cook, clean and anything else he might want of her. The group left and he was alone with this petite little woman who was in obvious fear of him, Daniel asked her what her name was and she replied Osanana. Daniel informed her that her name was now just nana as far as he was concerned, and he would only ask her to do things she felt comfortable doing. This seemed to alleviate some of the fear that was on her face. He also informed her that if she were to disobey any of his orders the resulting consequences would be severe or even deadly. His secrets were his and not for any others. He just couldn’t help himself, and asked her why she thought she was there. To his surprise, she answered simply, “your wife”. To which he replied that he didn’t know he needed one.  He told her that he was going to bed and that she could do whatever she wanted, she was free to stay or to leave, it was up to her. In the morning he found her making a simple breakfast from things she had gathered in the surrounding woods.


This was when he realized just how hard this life must be for the villagers. While filling the food was a little less appetizing then he was really in the mood for. In the daylight Daniel finally took a good look at this gift of his. Small and tight body, a pretty face and from what he could tell, long brown hair done tightly up with braids. He thought to himself that it could have been a lot worse. A wife was not something he was looking for, but this could be kind of fun. He asked her all sorts of questions that day as to what her likes and dislikes were. By the end of the day she seemed to be more at ease, as this was not turning out to be as bad as she was thinking it would be. Once again Daniel told her he was going to bed and that she was once again free to do whatever she wanted, to stay or leave. And once again Daniel awoke to find her starting the fire to cook breakfast. This routine lasted a little over a week. And Daniel was getting tired of this truly rustic life. He decided that he would find out how far he could take this. That night he told her, he was going to bed and that she would be there with him, she quickly answered that she would obey her husband. In the morning Daniel took her again before she could get up to make breakfast. As she rose, he reached out and took her arm. ‘Where are you going’ he asked, to the creek to wash up and then to gather food for breakfast, she replied. It was then he decided, he would introduce her to his world and he got up removed her garments. He then placed a strip of her clothing over her eyes and told her to hold on to him, he was taking her on a journey. He opened the entrance at the back of the cave and took her to his home on the other side of the wall. He told her, he would now remove her blindfold only if on pain of death would she reveal any of what she was about to see to anyone. If you cannot agree to these terms to tell him now and they would return to the cave. She immediately replied she was his and that she could never betray him. He removed the blindfold.

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