A Poem For My Mother Dearest

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I have been trying to think of a great gift to surprise my mother with. She loves my writing but, I think she likes it even if it sucks. Gotta love moms. So I sat down and wrote this poem for her. I plan on framing it and giving it to her soon. So If anyone has any changes/corrections to the poem please leave it in the comments. Thank You!!

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011



A Poem For My Mother Dearest


There are times I look back and my eyes fill with tears

You picked me up when I fell and pushed me when i needed to face my fears

We've laughed

We've Cried

We've said hello

We've said goodbye

We have had great times and a few bad ones

You knew when I needed to be talk to or just needed someone who truly listens

You were there for me when all I needed was a little pep talk

You were there for me when I needed your help just to walk

You fed me when I was unable to feed myself on my own

I still need to get that recipe for the soup with that giant stone

I've always been able to feel that motherly love you were so eager to give out

I felt it as a baby, child, an adult and, it will go on forever without a doubt

I could cover this earth with your love many times over

You have never judged me for wanting to be a dancer

It never mattered to you as long as I was alive and truly happy

A hug from my mother would change my day, no matter how crappy

Few seasons of Soccer

Thirteen seasons of Baseball

Six seasons of Basketball

How in all my years of playing sports did you only miss one single game

I still remember you cheering and yelling (VERY LOUDLY) my name

I can hear it echo in my head right now, as I write this

The sports

The bus rides

The competition

The thrill

The excitement

The pain

The practices

The games

The trophies

The Injuries


Out of all of it there is only one thing I truly miss

I miss you being in the stands as my number one fan

I know growing up I caused a lot of pain for everyone a few times or two

I also know that you and dad would butt heads with every action I would do or fail to do

I know that I am one of the leading causes for the divorce

At times I still have quite a bit of remorse

I may not have been the final straw but, I started and continued to be part of the problem

You always stood by me and protected me no matter what the outcome

You could have easily said son your wrong and we are right

Instead you took care of me regardless of the fight

One thing you had to do that I hope as a parent some day I will never have to experience

Saying goodbye to your child as they go off to fight a war, not only once

I didn't know it then but it must have been one of the scariest and hardest things you will have had to do in your lifetime

Knowing I was going to combat and I could be hurt or killed at any time

Those nights when you would just sit in your room wondering and go back through all of our old memories

Wondering if I was safe and sound fighting a war over seas

My biggest fear over there was that I would become nothing more than a giant red mist

You would hold yourself responsible solely because you had to sign the papers for me to enlist

We have been through so, so much in this life together

The main reason I survived was the fact that you were always there to make me better

You did everything in your power to make sure I had all I ever wanted and needed

The day I moved out must have been one days you always secretly dreaded

Know that you have made a little tiny boy into a great man

I know we no longer do the sports stuff anymore so now it is my turn to be a number one fan

You are a proud mother of two children who just adore you

For so many years we were a three man wrecking crew

Your children love you so very much

Do you think about those December days when you had that first mother child touch

You made our childhood nothing shy of the best

Still to this very day your always here to help us with the rest

I remember still to this day every detail of that horrible phone call you made to me on that night

I was so afraid that my mother wasn't going to be alright

So scared when a nurse ran down the hall with a weird looking cart

It was slow motion at it passed with a defibrillator to restart your heart

I was so scared I was going to have to go through this life all alone

I've never told anyone this but I was standing at the door when all I heard was a lonely... constant... tone...

To hear the words clear then charging then clear again

If you wouldn't have made it I would have died right there and then

My childhood flashed before my eyes and I saw an image a you holding me as a newborn kid

I don't think I took another breath until you did

I just want to say again thank you mom for everything you done and everything you are still going to do

Just so you know "Your Baby Boy" is forever going to be my name solely for you

Whenever you are having an off day or maybe you have just been in a funk for a while

Just remember that little red headed freckle faced kid with a no front teeth smile

I Love You Mom

By Bobby J Evans

© Copyright 2018 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.