Accepting Who We Are No Matter What

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Accepting Who We Are No Matter What

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011




Accepting Who We Are No Matter What 



Whether you are President Obama or a man in jail who has to give sexual favors to remain unharmed.  We always give ourself a mental thought that accepts the person we are in that time of our life. If I was to get cancer tomorrow yes I would have problems dealing with that, but in time I would accept the fact I have Cancer. If I were gay I would give myself a mental talking, telling myself that this is who I am and this is who I am suppose to be. I would feel strongly about that and it would shape my future and things to come. So in knowing that no matter what happens in life we will always accept it is a huge tool. That pretty much says I can do whatever I want. It gets rid of some fear of failing. It allows you to focus on what you want instead of what your content with having. So If say I want to be a writer. This knowledge gives me the freedom to take a chance where some people may refrain from doing so just because of failure. I came to this conclusion when I was thinking about PTSD, but this also works in so many aspects of life. We "the person we are" are the only ones who truly put limitations on ourselves. Yes people hate on you and doubt you but that is because of their own insecurities. So in the end we have a choice. Do we take the chance and go for it, or do we let the chance pass by and just be content with who we are. Either way is fine because we will justify our decisions. Yes we may have regret, and yes we may do things differently next time. But for that decision we accept it and move on. 


When we apply this to our everyday thoughts, you will notice a change in perspective that was not there before. Like for instance a single man my be at a bar and notice an attractive lady. He contemplates striking up a conversation. His mind weights the pros and cons. Once he has figured out his chances, he either stays put or makes his move. Now without data to show statistics I can't say 50/50 would do either way. But for this purpose lets say 50% of men would talk themselves down resulting in further mental punishment and self doubt. The other 50% would at least attempt. My worry is not with the percent that gave it a shot. My worry is with the other 50% that sat there and did nothing. Okay so obviously he was interested. He was attracted. What went through his mind once he noticed this woman was "she is to good for me" or " There is no way I can pull her" or my all time favorite " I didn't want to get embarrassed." One thought could change the whole outlook on the situation. Knowing that either way fail or pass you will learn to accept the answer she gives you. You asking here her name and her telling you to buzz off may sting but knowing that if she says no, you will accept that answer and go on is power. You can now be confident in yourself because you know no matter what. You are going to be alright. Thats beautiful. 


Take a soldier with PTSD. And say his biggest symptom is depression. His emotions are on a roller coaster ride. Up and down, Highs and lows. When he is up he can smile and live life without a problem. When he is low he hates himself with such a passion, he would rather see himself die than to live on. Once he is down he embraces it (accepts it) and since this feeling is so strong. It feeds off of him, bringing him to all time lows. Well If you apply this knowledge to the situation you can eliminate some of the issues. You can control how strong and the time spent in this funk. It does not work all the time or everytime. Sometimes it works so small that you can't even tell it worked. All you know is you went this low. When you get yourself to a point in your day when you are happy and you can control your thoughts a little. Tell yourself that, that person you become when your low is not you. Tell yourself that you accept the fact you have these issues. Once you know the extent of the issue you can identify when it happens. It gives you a sense of control, which gives you hope and motivation. 


This is only the start of my study with this. I will expand my knowledge because it is something that I have to do. I accept that if I don't I will be content with myself. But knowing that keeps me on track to finish what I started. I think I am on to something here. It would be a disservice to myself and my fellow warriors who are looking for something to help them through their day.  It gives us the extra push. 




By Bobby J Evans

© Copyright 2018 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.

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