Angel Kisses

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A poem about freckles on wife's skin..

Submitted: August 13, 2011

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Submitted: August 13, 2011



Angel Kisses

I see the spots on your skin

How I love every one of them

Oh where or where do I begin

You once called them an angel kiss

I see them and I know true bliss

The ones on your face remind me of everything great

I want to kiss them constantly and when your away I can barley wait

The ones on your chest remind me of something sexy

Like a candle light night on a special occasion hair kind of messy

The one on your arms remind me of the lengths you would go for me

It motivates me to be the man I need to be

The ones on you legs reminds me there is much more to discover

Like how our love will grow stronger

Or how I can become an even greater lover

The ones on your feet and toes remind me of your struggle

Like times before you gave me your heart, with no one to snuggle

The ones on your hands remind me of all the hard work you have done

When I'm with you nothing is work, I'm a big kid I get to have fun

You add all your body parts and you get the perfect woman for this man

An Angel Kiss, I'll kiss everyone that I can!

By Bobby J Evans

© Copyright 2018 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.

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