Death to lower class

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Poem of the how the rich kill off the poor..

Submitted: August 13, 2011

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Submitted: August 13, 2011



Death To The Lower Class

Hidden secrets they will never tell

People became rich when the towers fell

Always someone profiting on pain

The poor gets poorer while the rich gain

Everyday is a struggle for nearly most

While the white collar will brag and even boast

Poverty stricken areas feel like a war zone

Drugs ruin people like how people kill the Ozone

Destroying each other is part of there plan

All part of a master scheme thought up by the man

Soldiers dying overseas for reasons unknown

Young kids come home with there limps all blown

Free License plates and a parking place is what you've earned

Even for the ones who's whole body is burned

Young men come home and having to shut it all off

Sounds like we are livings under a guy named Adolf

The rich are the German and the poor the Jews

We need an Anne Frank a lot of lives we will lose

You say its not as bad as it was back then

I see the divide its happening again

Not before to long we will be divided in camps

Disease, famine, and the crime rate ramps

While you dine on fine china and have a maid

Not before to long and we will no longer get paid

People doing anything to feed there loved ones

Looking like Hell all skin and bones

Stealing, assault and murder will be a way of survival

Saying this wont happen your surly in denial

Once we are fighting ourselves they have begun to win

Like Cattle at a slaughter house a blood bath will begin

It wont bother anyone who isn't the lower class

filling graves after graves by the mass

The ones that survive the first wave is cursed

Loved ones dying The babies need nursed

The water available is poisoned so

Horrible abnormalities began to grow

Mental confusion from just one drink

An epidemic is on the brink

its a matter of time before we all are affected

With all the food gone cannibalism is what is expected

The bigger packs fed on the small

The children would feed at night laughter was there call

As the children grew stronger the mutations started to change

They started losing their hair and a case of the mange

With a single bite or a scratch

A rapidly growing disease you will catch

Your mind will but overtaken with thoughts of rage

Only takes a few hours and then the bitten is on a rampage

Since we are all effected the upper class must step in to save the rest

They will get approval since it's in the peoples best interest

When the President puts in his code

He will drop things that will explode

Give it a month and they will send in the troops to make sure we are history

Kill off the survivors if there are any

Once the whole is burned they will start new

With no lower class what is the world to do

By Bobby J Evans

© Copyright 2019 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.

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