I play with dolls

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Of a person who has dead people for his dolls.. crazy people out their man...

Submitted: August 15, 2011

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Submitted: August 15, 2011



I Play With Dolls

People everywhere but I'm so lonely

We will start with you

Your name is Bonnie

Bonnie comes from a broken home

Parents use to beat her and rape her

Her hair I reguraly comb

On the floor and in chair

They look as If I placed them that way

Now to see Tom in a bad mood is very rare

Tom is a traveling salesman

Can talk his way out of almost anything

He knows not to ramble, with me he proceeds with caution

I feel like a child with life size dolls

I get to move them around anyway I want

Cindy is a nerd hair full of spitballs

Cindy is the biggest loser I know

I pick on her daily I've even made her cry

Oh i almost forgot her boyfriend Joe

Joe is a virgin and gets wedges daily

He has one of those head braces for his teeth

Huge glasses and a face full of acne

I have many other dolls ones a lot cooler

I have a Cheerleading squad all dressed up

We were best friends until they found out I was a biter

Sam is the football captain and was dating one of my cheerleaders

I put them in a special spot so they can relive a memory forever

A make believe good time and under some make believe bleachers

Oh and I have the punk rock people too

Those people are so pathetic

Got them propped up so they can play at their venue

Dolls of all shapes and sizes

Even have a girl scout who came with a wagon

It's a bad joke doll covered in bruises

I have a vintage doll

Old war war two vet

Dishonorable discharge, He must have went AWOL

These dolls I play with them all the time

People will look down on me for what I do

What is so bad with playing all day, where is the crime

You could argue the fact these dolls use to be alive

But I wanted them so so bad

Who is to give and who is to deprive

I have fun and everyone I tell

Get to play with these fine dolls all day

Love it even though they are starting to smell

By Bobby J Evans

© Copyright 2017 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.

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