I'm Homeless

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A poem showing the ungratefulness of people today. The poem is about a war vet from Afghanistan who just needed help instead lost everything and was sent to live in the streets.

Submitted: September 21, 2011

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Submitted: September 21, 2011



I'm Homeless

When you pass me by you look the other way

All you see is the true American Decay

Everything I own is on my back

Old ragged clothes and a green gunny sack

People laugh at me to my face

The point and tell their kids, that man is a disgrace

I've been spit on, beaten, and pennies thrown at me

I just want peace, just let me be

I know Truth

I know Embarrassment

I know Shame

I know Loss

I know Pain

I am truly at the mercy of Mother Nature

I had my doubts but I learned how to survive her

Been scorched by the hottest days and frozen by the coldest nights

I've sat in windows to gather the warmth from the lights

I have permanent damage to my fingers and toes from the snow

How I survived some of the more harsh nights, I'll never know

I know Anguish

I know Cold

I know Limits

I know Heat

I know Pain

I use drugs and alcohol to numb the pain

Mouth, nose, or in the vein

I'll take it anyway I can to get relief

It kills me inside, I have so much grief

I hate this life but, I have no other choice

It's a constant battle between my heart and my inner voice

I know Regret

I know Scum

I know Disappointment

I know Struggle

I know Pain

I pick up cans and bottles but, It don't pay for me to eat everyday

At times I have to resort to begging for spare change, I wish there was another way

It can be a few day before I will get enough money to eat

I look in the restaurant's dumpsters just hoping I can find a little treat

The feeling you get when you haven't eaten for days can destroy you

If you have never truly been hungry, you have no clue

I know Hunger

I know Emptiness

I know Hate

I know Desperation

I know Pain

It's sad to see the ugly side of men

It leaves you helpless when it reveals its evil grin

My life shouldn't have turned out this way

I live in Hell on earth everyday

As a kid I thought I could be anything I wanted to be

So I enlisted in the Army at seventeen to protect the free

When I got back from the war in Afghanistan everything changed

My whole life was flipped upside down and rearranged

My Career, my family, my ability to function in society all went to shit so fast

The Army turned it's back on me once I claimed a brain injury from a RPG blast

I still remember the love and appreciation people showed over and over again

I fought hard and I earned the title of a War Veteran

Now all people see is a loser who reeks of body oder and piss

Im just a disgrace to my country, scum of the earth, homeless

By Bobby J Evans

© Copyright 2017 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.

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