Life of a Hip

Poem by: Bobby Evans


Hippie Life


Submitted: August 13, 2011

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Submitted: August 13, 2011



Life Of A Hip

Another page in the book

After breakfast its east to west I look

Shower once a week

Inherit peace I am the meek.

A million miles I will travel

Mud, sand, blacktop, and gravel

The ink in my skin is like a map

After 4:21 its time to take a nap

One meal a day eases the hunger

Fuck like rabbits, never dugger

See someone interesting, hear their story

Break out the peace pipe.. 80 stories

High in the clouds making crazy shapes

Scratching my arms, looking out the drapes

Eyes low but i can see clear

See the red and blue feel the fear

Bounce from place to place

Is this normal I cant feel my face

Now I take it to my head

Don't worry I'm not dead

Work for a bit until I get what I need

The system wont get me I have no deed

I wont steal, rob, or kill

But Ill grind my ass off for a meal

Haters always talking shit behind my back

I could care less, let me pinch my sack

One day you will all see

The man I am and the man Ill be

There is so much more I wanna see

The greatest thing is I can take you with me

Together we take this amazing journey

Go bat shit crazy strait. jacket and gurney

Take your medication and be normal

Smoke all day a;ways relaxed never formal

I close my eyes and they start to shake

Only remedy is to wake and bake

Calm my nerves with a puff

Silent killer never act tuff

I will fight to show peace

Oxymoron a ironed crease

Being nice has so many definitions

They do their acceptance speech, Honorable mentions

This is life as I see

Everything is peaceful even a honeybee

So elegant but with a sting

Do as you want others to do for you, its no thing

Greet people with a smile

They will go the extra mile

Mind so free living life with a blindfold

It becomes more transparent with the bullshit told

Peace love and happiness

I'm soft and sweet with a bit of toughness

Helping little old ladies with their bags

Manners are something that never lags

I'm nice but its bittersweet

I don't have it all but I will always land on my feet

By Bobby Evans

© Copyright 2017 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.

Life of a Hip

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Hippie Life
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