Not Every Rose Has A Thorn

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Just a poem for my wife just to show her how much she means to me and how much I adore her. I've made many poems for her but, I can't stop.

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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Submitted: October 01, 2011



Not Every Rose Has A Thorn

Valerie when I think of your name there are so many things that come to mind

Like how sweet you are or the fact your one of a kind

Like how beautiful you are no matter if you spent three hours getting ready or just rolled out of bed

Like how amazing you cook and keep me well fed

Like how you can put on any outfit and it just perfectly fits your body

Like how your my sunshine when I'm feeling down and my day is cloudy

Its because of you I wear this smile

The greatest part of my day is when people say just give it a while

Thinking the love won't last

I don't even let them finish talking I interrupt them pretty darn fast

I would give it a lifetime

And I will always be happy as long as I can call you mine

Oh an trust me I'm not going anywhere

I don't know if its the fact that I love you so damn much or you just showed me that all women are crazy

Either way I don't care

We are insanely happy and that is all that I care about

I mean i finally found my path and its just the most amazing route

No change in elevation and I can't believe the scenery

My only wish is I hope one day I can fully show you how much you mean to me

When I think of you so many things come to mind

And since I think of you constantly, a thought of you is not hard to find

Like how you smell great all the freaking time

Just random stuff like how your name and flowery rhyme

And also how your middle name is rose which the flower of Love

Like how you have tattoos for me, a rosary, a peace sign, my lips, and a dove

I have thoughts about how my life couldn't get any better

But right then I find a hidden love letter

Or you top it by saying or doing something sweet

This is what it feels like to constantly be swept off your feet

This is what it feels like to be so in love with someone that nothing in this world could match it

I'll just give you about a thousand years to stop it

I have hundreds of wishes

Wishes of being showered by your kisses

Wishes of wanting to make your life worry free

Wishes of being able to buy you your dream home and hearing the sound the lock makes when you enter the key

Wishes of traveling the world and seeing all the most beautiful sites

Wishes of being able to make up all the times you were alone all those nights

Wishes of sitting at a lookout overlooking the city being able to give reasons why I love you for every one of those stars

Wishes of doing that with the convertible top down in one of those old classic muscle cars

That would be the life for me

I just wish you could see what I see

I see a girl who would put my needs before her own regardless of any situation

A girl who make me feel like I'm on a permanent vacation

A girl who loves me with every bit of her heart

A girl who no matter what under any circumstance does her part

A girl who my family loves her like their own

A girl who doesn't let it ring more than once when I call her on the phone

A girl who chose me instead of getting famous pursuing a modeling career

A girl who pushes me to overcome any problem any fear

A girl who every night makes it a point to kiss me and tell me she loves me

A girl who's mind and heart is completely free

A girl who came with an awesome family who adores me so much

A girl who can give me goose bumps without a touch

A girl who was raised a little rough, but still knows how to be classy

A girl who can clear a room when she becomes even a little gassy

A girl who promises the world and gives nothing less

A girl who understands if I was tired, would pick up my mess

A girl who is comfortable in jeans and flip flops not needing huge diamonds and pricey animal furs

A girl who to any man would be the perfect catch

A girl who no matter at what time I craved cookies she would bake me a batch

A girl who made me the luckiest man on earth

A girl who thinks she looks like a million dollars, but that price is not even close to what she's worth

A girl who no matter any time of the night or day, it's never dull or lame

But something that I think is amazing is the fact you love your family so much and you still took my last name


By Bobby J Evans

© Copyright 2017 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.

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