Sister so sweet

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Story of my sister and me growing up and missing out because of age difference and now we are best friends..

Submitted: August 13, 2011

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Submitted: August 13, 2011



Sister So Sweet

One Dec 23rd 1992

God gave me a sister, the sister was you

I got so mad cause you ruined my seventh birthday

I wanted the attention. no on listened no matter what I would I say

I turned 7 the day you came into my world

Sleeping so soundly in a ball you were curled

You would sleep so peaceful

Trust me when you got mad you were hateful

I tried to help but you couldn't talk

Try to play with you and wouldn't you walk

When you got a little bit older It was kinda cool

I would play with you all day right after school

I would bring my friends over just to see little you

Including you in everything I would do

When dad would wrestle and play fight

You would throw yourself on me to save me from his might

We would even do again it to see if you came

Every time like clockwork it would be the same

There was a time I made you chase a pencil

Hit the coffee table so hard like a missile

How I felt so bad because I defiantly did NOT mean for you to

I never told anyone this but I promise I cried more than you

I remember when we would go outside to play some basketball

I would be so careful not to make you trip or fall

One time you did crash and scraped your little knee

You ran inside and wouldn't talk to me

When I was in middle school you started Pre K

We took pictures I hated being dropped off that day

I spent the whole day wondering how you doing

Your teachers name MRS. Butts how humoring

Braman school is something I remember

I had a fan club there you were the founding member

I would find a reason to come surprise you in during school

Your eyes would widen and the smile was huge, how I thought that was so cool

When you were in the 5th grade you started to play basketball

You played on the girls and the guys team to me you were 10 feet tall

You stuck with it through al the crappy years

You got so much better, you played with out any fears

I would tell the crowd there goes my little sis

Number 12 like her brother she would rarely miss

When you made a shot you would look into the crowd

Look up with me with a smile on your face you knew I was proud

When I graduated and walked with that cap and gown

I was all smiles but secretly I had a frown

I had to move on and we would be apart

I did all I could do It was time for you to do your part

When I moved away trust me I really missed you

You were growing up what was a big brother to do

Then we both had our lives we kinda parted ways

I would give up the world to have back a few of those days

At first I didn't notice but missing you made a hole

Everyday it chipped away at me, it took its toll

It now makes me sad to think of how distant we got

I knew I was missing something but my heart i fought

You looked up to me while I was gone

I just blocked your love god I was a moron

The effect loving something so much but get to get nothing in return

Must have hurt your heart, It had to burn

But through all that, I never changed in your eyes

To you I'm a super hero, I'm better than a million guys

Your faith and love finally shined through

I found out that you are the most amazing sister and to me your the hero

I know I can't take back the last few years

But I promise because of me you will shed no more tears

When I came home on leave my dreams came true

Your one of a kind, Sister I love you...

By The Big Brother Bobby J Evans

© Copyright 2017 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.

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