The Love Bug Fever

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A poem about my love for my wife using her nickname as an illness you get when you fall in love. It was fun to write. Check it out.

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Submitted: October 22, 2011



The Love Bug Fever

I knew there was something special about this girl when I first laid eyes on her

I have never witnessed anything on this earth that has shined ever brighter

She had more glow to her than the moon can radiate

The way the fireworks exploded and sparks flew I knew it was fate

The only way I could describe her features were heavenly

I am embarrassed to think of how everything we said must have been very corny

In the same aspect I bet we were the cutest couple ever

As I look back we were inseparable from day one and not a day longer

I've never had such a great time in my entire life

How crazy is it that the girl I came to see when I came back from Afghanistan is now my wife

Every day I look forward to laying in bed most of the evening and through a peaceful night

We cuddle until we are awaken from the morning sunlight

Ten months later and she still undeniably has the ability to ignite a fire that burns extremely hot

When I say everything I mean everything has gotten better since we tied the knot

I also know that she will never lose it no matter how old we get

It hasn't happened even though we are not able to leave each other's sides yet

To be completely honest I don't think that will ever happen to us

I am still baffled on how every time we talk or she even looks at me I'm left breathless


Weak knees

Lump in the throat

Fluttering heart

Those are just a few of my symptoms that I deal with every single day

Sometimes I get so nervous she can't even understand what I say

I am constantly thinking is it hot in here

Stringing on words only to make her think I won't stop talking until next year

I never knew this was ever possible

I've come down with the full blown Love Bug Fever and I have it way more than a little

Your kisses are like locking the most amazing safe holding the most prized possession

More prized than any youth giving fountain

My love for you will be locked away tightly forever

The only way to my love is a secret question only she could answer

She had the combination to my safe that I thought was never going to open

I always thought something is wrong since I can't open it, it must be broken

From the moment you opened my door I could feel everything I thought I knew began to alter

I love to relive those memories from when she went from a cute girl to my girl friend to my wife, my best friend, and my lover

I love my Love Bug so so so much!!!

By Bobby J Evans

PS Anyone who thinks they got the Love Bug Fever

should get checked out by you local doctor.

Be advised If you come down with The Love

Bug Fever nothing can be done.

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