Thoughts For Your Heart

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A little poem I did for my Wife while she was in the shower.. I just wish I could express in words how I feel for her...

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011



Thoughts For Your Heart

I love you with all my heart.

Without you I would surely fall apart

Joy comsumes every inch of my body

This Clyde has finally found his other half, his Bonnie

I locked the hand cuffs and threw away the key

Forever chained but I've never felt so free

Free like a bird soaring through the clouds oh so high

Not a care in the world as the time slowly passes by

Such beauty with your words so soft

I love how I can smell your heavenly smell with every little waft

Your kind words fall on my listening ears

My heart and your heart is the true definition of everything that coheres

I will forever protect you from any type of harm

I love it when you walk next to me and hold my arm

You are my Princess and I am your Prince Charming

Ride away in our carrige while birds sing songs that are soothing

I am a blind man and you are my walking stick

If we were playing kickball you would always be my number one pick

You must be at my side at all times

We go together like bees and honey or like lemons and limes

If anyone ever made it illegal to truly fall in love I would get a life sentence

I doubt even through inhumane treatment I would never look back and see you as a hindrance

If I was never caught I would be on the run

We could hide out in China for a while, until we run out of Yuan

If the people of this world saw our undying love the would proudly throw the biggest celebration ever

We would be the couple of the millennium and without a doubt a Noble Prize winner

Our faces would be on everything that it could be stuck on

We would show the world love is the way and wouldn't stop until every aspect of hate is gone

By Bobby J Evans

© Copyright 2017 Bobby Evans. All rights reserved.

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