Dream Sequence

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Very absurd piece about what happens in our dreams and also how important self confidence is.

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



Dream Sequence1.

Everything you read here is entirely of a fictious nature.Any

resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

If any event portrayed in this Dream Sequence should happen in the

future I would be astounded..

(Beginning of the dream)

I’m lying on my bed.Plumes of white smoke billow into my bedroom. Music starts pounding and a husky voice breathes the song lyrics

I love myself I want you to love me,

when I feel down I want you above me ,

I search myself I want you to find me,

I forget myself I want you to remind me.

Ariana,a beautiful woman who I work with emerges from a big cloud of white smoke..She crawls across the floor clad in a revealing outfit of knee length leather boots, garter belt and a tight black corset revealing a generous cleavage.She looks at me and sings the chorus

I don't want anybody else

When I think about you

I touch myself.

No I don't want anybody else

Oh no,Oh no.

Me Wow Ariana I didn’t know any of that ! is it true. ?

She continues crawling across the floor,smiling wickedly.She sings out another verse of the song.

I close my eyes and see you before me,

Think I would die if you were to ignore me,

A fool could see just how much I adore you,

I'd get down on my knees,

I'd do anything for you.

She slowly climbs up on the bed and inches her way up to where

I’m lying.She sings the chorus again,

I don’t want anybody else

When I think about you

I touch myself

No Oh oh,

I don’t want any body else

when I think about you

I touch myself

Me No Oh oh,

I don’t want anybody else

When I think about you

I touch myself

Ariana slowly undoes the buttons of her corset as I’m singing the chorus.My face is full of hope and expectation.After undoing the last button on her corset her magnificent breasts fall free.She leans forward slowly and propping herself up on her hands she postions her head just above mine.I gaze up at her and into her startlingly beautiful eyes.My senses are alive.I breathe in her scent.I reach my hand up and pull her towards me.Wanting to kiss her,devour her.I whisper, I love you Ariana and our lips meet.I close my eyes.Suddenly the air becomes heavy with the smell of fried chicken.My lips are sticky with juice.I open my eyes and instead of holding my beautiful Ariana I’m holding a big fat Chicken wing.I look around me and see that I’m sitting in a deserted fast food restaurant late at night.Two of the girls working behind the counter are giggling when I look at them they attempt to stifle their giggles and look busy.I look back at the chicken,then look back at the girls.Then look back at the chicken.It tastes beautiful.I continue eating it.I look out the window of the restaurant but all I see is my reflection in the glass.

My reflection You love chicken ,don’t you ?

Me I do.

My reflection How long have you loved chicken ?

Me I don’t know, forever.

My reflection What would you do if there wasn’t any chicken ?

Me I don’t know, that’s a bit of a stupid question.I’d find

a substitiute.Find something just as good.

My reflection You see me and you are very different.

Me In what way ?

My reflection Look at you there eating chicken.You don’t see me

sitting by myself eating chicken in the middle of the

night.I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but I have

made considerable strides in the area of self

improvement lately.I'm on the up.

Me What’s that mean ?

My reflection It means I’m shaking things up,I’m tearing life a new

one.I’ve got my game face on,metaphorically


Me You’re full of it.

My reflection It’s easy say something like that.All I’m going to

say is who’s talking to who here ?.

Me You’re talking to me,aren’t you?.( question tag)

My reflection Let’s just say we’re talking to each other,how’s that ?

Me Grand.

My reflection When I see you here sitting down eating chicken all

alone.A fool can see that things aren’t working out

for you.I hate to say it. ( pause ) You know I want to

help you, don’t you ? (question tag )

Me I suppose.

My reflection Haven’t you ever set yourself targets ?

Me Should I ?

My reflection Of course you should.Imagine a life with no

targets,you’d be just like a leaf floating on the

breeze,directionless,rudderless, pointless.

Me Is that a bad thing ?

My reflection Don’t you know you can make so much more of

your life.

Me Are you sure that I can ?.

My reflection Positive ! 100 per cent positive.Listen,I know

women like Ariana.She doesn’t want some fella

who's sitting down talking to himself and eating

chicken in the middle of the night.No way Jose.She

wants a go getter.A mover and a shaker.Someone

like me.

Me Someone like you.

My reflection That’s right someone like me.You've got to take it

to the next level.Set yourself some targets and

then achieve them.There couldn't be anything


Me I never really thought about setting myself

targets.I really don’t like drawing attention

to myself .It just makes things awkward

My reflection You’ve got to.

Me My father gave me some great advice when I was

younger.I just did my Maths exam and I was full

sure I’d done well.I was expecting top honours but

instead I only got a pass.You can imagine my

disappointment.I mean just getting a pass, it just

didn’t add up.

My reflection nods his head

Me Anyway Dad saw how disappointed I was and I

have to say he really stepped up to the plate.He

knew what it meant to be a father,the

responsibilities and everything.His paternal duties

he didn’t see as a burden.What’s the purpose of the

older generation if it’s not to enlighten the younger

one on all matters deemed relevant.Anyway, he

offered me this advice.Jesus I remember it like it

was yesterday.He looked into my eyes, into my soul

you could say and his voice shaking with emotion

he said “ next time son don’t try and you won’t be

disappointed “.

That’s great advice,isn’t it ? ( question tag )

My reflection Great advice ! Are you mad ? .No wonder you are

the way you are.Don’t try and you won’t be

disappointed.He's messed you up.He's nobbled

your potential .

Me You’re being too harsh on him In hindsight I think

I know exactly what he was trying to do.He’s

taken a good hard long look at me and with heart

wrenching honesty he’s come to the conclusion

that the sum of my parts aren’t greater than my


My reflection What are you on about ?.

Me I think he was trying to save me from myself.He

could see looking at me that I’m not going to be a

success. No matter how hard some people try they

just don’t have it and I think he saw that in me.So

he did what he thought was the best for me.You

can’t ask any more of a parent than that ,can you ?.

( question tag ).Doing what they think is the best

for their child.

My reflection I’m flabberghasted.I’ve never heard anything like

it.I thought it was the fear of failure that stopped

you doing stuff but I can see now that it’s

something deeper than that.

Me Don’t you see he was trying to save me from all the

disappointments in my life.Don’t try and you won’t

be disappointed you don’t realise how much this

has helped me.Just that one sentence has gotten me

out of a lot of scrapes and nothing has happened

since that time that has made me question that


My reflection I’ve heard about taking a negative and making a

positive but this just takes the fucking

biscuit.You’ll be proposing him for father of the

year next.

Me He did his best by me and that’s all you can ask of

any parent.

My reflection Un -fucking believable.There’s no getting through

to you.You only get one go at life.You only get one

go at women like Ariana.Wouldn't you want to

give it your best shot ? .

Me Don't try and you won't be disappointed.That's a

big part of who I am.

My reflection Okay don’t try and you won’t be disappointed la-

di –da – di –da that’s a big part of who you are.I get

it.It’d be funny if it wasn’t so tragic,But I get it.

You know I’ve got your best interests at heart.

Me I want the best for me too.

My reflection Good at least we can agree on that.Now I want to

help you meet your potential.Why do you think

you’re talking to me now instead of having hankie

pankie with Ariana.

Me I don’t know.

My reflection Because I’ve got something to tell you.Now just

hear me out.You listened to your father’s

advice.Sound advice in your opinion I personally

don’t agree with it.I suppose that’s neither here nor

there now but what I want you to do is listen to me.

Will you do that ?.

Me I will

My reflection Okay,what I’ve got to tell you is very

important.Hopefully It’ll get you off this cop out

you’re calling a life at the moment and who knows

you might actually go on and actually achieve

something.Maybe even end up with a woman like

Ariana. Ready ?

Me Yeah

My reflection The chicken’s trying to tell you something.

Me What ?

My reflection Shut up and look the chicken’s trying to tell you


Me How is the chicken trying to tell me something ?

I look down at the chicken breast in my hand.A mouth appears at the top of the breast.Two rubbery lips smile at me.I smile back.I look up at my reflection in the window to say that the chicken is smiling at me but my reflection is gone.I look back down at the chicken and it’s mouthing some words in a barely audible whisper

Chicken breast You

Me Yes! me

Chicken breast You must

Me I must ( pause ) what must I do ?

Chicken breast You must always lo...

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!Beep!

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