Museli and Me

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my love for museli

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012





Museli and Me


I'm not mocking porridge

but museli's the key

to a happy carefree life

this is the story of,

old museli and me



It'd be crappy of me to suggest

that museli is perfect

far from it

but as cereals go

it's the serial giver

it just keeps on giving

and we keep on living ,

old museli and me.



an irritable bowel

is no laughing matter

I shared a house with a man once

whose bowel wasn't just irritable

it was downright angry

he'd disappear into the toilet

for days at a time

first nothing

not a sound

a big black hole

of empty nothingness

and then,

it would begin

the cries and the hollers

the whimpers and the wailing

the shrieks and the insults

the expletives that emenated

from that W.C.

were way too much for,

old museli and me.




we moved out we did,me and museli

packed our bags and headed

for pastures new 

and we've been on the road

ever since

it hasn't always been easy

sometimes the shit has hit the fan

but museli's always been there for me

it's helped me out of so many jams

if you look out your window

you'll easily see

us on the road,

old museli and me




life poses us some big questions

the imponderables

What's it all about ?

Why are we here ?

Is there a God ?

but the question that has me

tossing and turning

searching and yearning

that perplexes me the most

is why in this great Cosmos

with all its hidden secret meanings

and its shifting beams of light

do I have this strange love for museli

and does it feel the same way about me.










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