Follow Your Heart

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True story about one love far far away I hope you can find yourself in this story.

Submitted: April 26, 2015

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Submitted: April 26, 2015



I have met this girl, Italian girl. It is funny how we met, it was over an online game. I have fallen in love with this girl in a very short period of time. I will just write what I can think of and try to explain you what love is in this moment I have. I have been talking with this girl for about month and a half, and we have shared many things. I guess I can say we share the feelings also.. I don't know how she feels about me I can only guess it is at least a bit similar to my feeling. I will tell you guys how do I feel about her. Let us start with love...

In this month and a half I have grown feelings I have not had in a long time. These feelings keep getting stronger and stronger and it is so funny how do they get stronger. Two of us have never seen eachother in live, only through some social applications; skype, viber etc. So there is no contact between us, not any contact we can only look at each other smile and laugh. Maybe I have come in the right time in her life, I don't believe in faith, but that is no coincidence. From the beginning of our talk, I have thought she is .. not 'the one' but.. close to that, I have always said she is the closest girl to perfection that I will ever find. I always tell this girl how is beautiful she looks, how cute and sweet she is, I think she doesn't fully believe me in my words. Of course that would be to expect but we had a few "serious" talks over the time we know each other. The sign of love is there, you know when you are In Love with someone when you want to see or hear them every single day, you want to hear their voice at least once even on a second, just to hear that soft voice she has. I can not still say I truly love her because I have never met this girl and that part of the Love is missing. But I am in love with her from the first week I have met her. We talk every single day for hours and hours, and this relationship we have built has been harder and harder. My heart has got that bright red color and everybody can see that, everybody says you have changed in some way that they can not describe, and I never told them, my friends that I am actually in love with this girl. But if they can see something has happened with me that is one more sign my feelings are getting greater and greater every time I think of her, every time I see her, every time she texts me. I am writing this story while I am talking to this girl and the bursts of the emotions are unreal, this is literally unimaginable to me. I have only felt..I'm lying, I have never felt like this how am I feeling now. I had very similar feelings towards one girl long back when I was still young and foolish and knew nothing about love, now at least I know a bit more how it feels and why do I feel like this, I can explain it. 

Both of us have agreed to meet some time in the future, to actually get to know each other. Our feelings are very visible now, just like I can see what am I writing here to you, I can see my feelings towards her and the other way around.

Sometimes I have doubts about all this about our feelings, our relationship, everything. I think she will like someone else before I get the chance to meet her. That is what I fear the most, not having the chance, and she meeting and liking someone else would be catastrophic. I would, I don't know what would I do, I would be shattered. I would lose the feelings for love and I would probably be colder to love. Yes to love. Love is a strange thing and also it is a very beautiful, the most beautiful thing on the world. Love makes you FEEL something that you have never felt before, always you get new bursts of emotions and it is just like drugs. If there was a drug that could make feel when I am in love, I would be addicted. I hope she will not like anyone else and we will actually meet and everything out. Like I said, this has never happened to me, only some similar feelings, but even that is strange. How could I not feel what I feel now before, I had more chance. I have met girls that I can go out with, I can hold their hands, touch their face, kiss them. There was contact. But with this girl there is nothing of body contact not even a touch, and still I feel very different than I have felt before. I am in love with this girl over my heels as they say, though there's is always a problem.
The problem is she has a boyfriend almost eight years. We have talked about that and we came to a conclusion I don't have to worry about that, and that anything can happen. I have always said to her that is something I am scared about. Anything can happen in any given moment, she is a pretty girl and men always flirt with her. Men from Italy, where she is actually living. And I am so far away. If some nice guy comes, and she likes him, I could just be another nice guy that she will remember as Almost Love. This is my story, I don't have nothing else to say except that there is always  hope, if some of you feel like this I truly hope you will follow your heart no matter what, you never know what can happen, yes you could get hurt, but at least you felt a bit of true love, and that one of the most important things in this world, to find true love.

Thank you for reading this story it means a lot, have a very nice day and find your true love. Never quit if you think it is Love. Don't worry, Be happy... :D

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