Picture Frame and Time

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What is a Picture Frame? What is Time? How are two of those connected?

Use your imagination, without it there is nothing.

Submitted: May 26, 2015

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Submitted: May 26, 2015



Picture Frame and Time

What is a Picture Frame? What is Time? How are those two connected?

A picture frame is a squared shape where you put your pictures. It is simple as that. Many people use picture frames to set a picture on their home wall how somebody could see it when they come. That's why it's called a picture frame, you put pictures in it. Once you put a picture inside of a picture frame, you mostly just leave it there, you don’t change the frame or take the picture with you. The picture stays inside the frame.

Time. Time cannot be explained. Time has no real definition. Time is set by us, people, to know should we be late, or early. When the stores, markets opens. Time has given us boundaries. We cannot say why are we getting older, but time. We, the people, have let time in our lives, we let it be the part of our lives. We can’t change that now. We have to accept it.

Every human being in the universe has imagination. No matter how we use it, or how we think imagination is unimportant. Imagination is very important. If you can imagine, you can be free, you can do whatever you want. Imagination is limitless.

This is the part of the story where you need to use your imagination. Try the hardest you can to imagine everything you read.

Imagine, a human being, a world. Imagine its soul, brain and heart. They are alive. Every human being has infinite picture frames, where you can put whatever you want and hang it in your soul. Imagine there is no time. Time does not exist. You are not in a hurry, nor are you late. You can do whatever whenever.

People mostly use picture frames for “boring” things. Things which they can keep within the frame and probably will never want it out of the frame. Let’s call those “boring” things, memories. Memories are like pictures, picture frames are invented because of pictures. As in people’s soul, brain and heart, picture frames are there for memories. Every person has its own picture frame for each memory he wants to put in it. Not every memory fits the frame perfectly, some just do not fit. But we, human beings, sometimes force the memory to fit in the picture frame and we hang in inside our soul. Why our soul? Our brain is the working room, our heart is our freedom, our vacation, and the soul is our gallery. And we in all of that are a single particle of many.

Now again, imagine. We, a single particle of many, working 97% of our lives. There is rarely a stop. But when it happens, we move to our vacation, to our freedom, the heart. On our vacation we stumble upon many strangers. Also another single particle on a vacation, only in another body, another world, with different working environment, heart and soul. Every vacation we take, we are free and open. Talking and getting to know the other stranger we stumble upon. We let ourselves go. We flow in that moment like a river. It feels endless, yeah, like there is no time. There is no time. Time doesn’t exist in this “universe”. The vacation doesn’t last long, that’s why we need to think fast, actually not to think, time doesn’t exist don’t forget that. When we meet another stranger, we take the vacation together. We choose to take the vacation together, it is nothing else but a choice.

Mostly when we are on a “vacation” in our hearts, we are very naïve. We let people go inside of our hearts. We let them see how much love we can give, so they know how much love they can get. Just because there is so little time to enjoy the freedom we have on our “vacation”. In so little time we need to move fast, act fast. That’s why things are complicated from time to time, when we open our hearts. We become vulnerable. Anyone can come inside, but one single particle chooses to stay.

Again, imagine. We are enjoying our vacation, together. Two hearts have become one. It is beautiful when it happens. Two different particles, from two different worlds. Eventually, while spending time long enough, two different particles, share their gallery. Inside of that gallery there are infinite things. Everything we have ever felt, experienced, enjoyed, and so many other. Sharing the gallery is giving everything to the other particle, every feeling, every experience, enjoyment. It is a dangerous road where we walk within our gallery. Some get afraid and run away. Some on the other way stay until some point and can’t move on, they just don’t want to get to know you that well. Others, stay until the end, but do not lead you all the way through their gallery. Only a few stay till the end of your gallery and show you the end of theirs.

Letting your brain go, and opening your heart to someone is an easy act. But showing your soul to the other person is a risk you choose to take. There will always be a risk. When there is no risk, then you have nothing to show. If you got nothing to show, let them show you their soul, and put a few picture frames inside of yours.

The only question I did not answer is: How are those two connected? Picture Frame and Time in the real world are just that. But when you try to combine two different worlds, imagination and a real time world, things get interesting don’t you think? Picture Frame in the imaginative world is a frame for our feelings, experiences, emotions, enjoyment, and our life. Our whole life we put inside a picture frame. Time doesn’t exist in that imaginative world. In real world, time unfortunately exists. Picture frames of our life in the imaginative world, through time, fades. All those picture frames we have, and everything we put inside of those frames, simply fades through time. When you can’t quite remember something, it is fading. Only we, can stop it from fading. All of our memories fade through time. Most of the picture frames with memories fade. We choose which frames are forever and which are for the time to take. Use your imagination, without it there's nothing. Work. Go to vacations with another particle, risk it and show them your gallery.

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