Why is love so complicated?

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Love is simple, we complicate it.

Submitted: January 16, 2014

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Submitted: January 16, 2014



By now I have written two Short Stories. If you read them, it's clear I like writing about love. I don't understand it, that's why I can write so much about it. It’s like that with most things. Also with these two Short Stories I have written, you can obviously see that I don’t really watch a lot about grammar. In this short story I want to write about me. Not anything specific about me, just about how I feel in this moment, or any other. What kind of a guy I am. Never mind I’ll switch from subject to subject here. I’m going to write just what I feel now.

Now my problem is love. Well, at least one of them. I love this girl, I know what loving means to love, that’s why I wrote love, this was just an explanation for some of you who read this and say you maybe just maybe like her too much. I know it’s not the same to love and like, I already wrote a Short Story about that, it’s called “We all have a devil inside..”.

 Okay, let’s begin with this story…

So let me talk about love, and about what worries me and what I don’t understand when it comes to loving someone. Maybe you can give me the answer.

When you like someone and when you are with that person, you always have a good time, you both laugh. I mean truly laugh, not just a glance then back to normal, real true laugh. And in that moment you’re feeling great. Whatever you two are doing it’s good and it feels nice. Whenever you two are together it’s like that. You feel the person you’re with. It has come to that point when you can read their mind. You look at every pixel of their face. You look in their eyes and it’s just the moment that makes it perfect. Their eyes like the universe, millions of stars, it’s beautiful. Then you go up look at their forehead and kiss them. You continue you look at their nose, their cheeks, their chin, ears, neck, and hair. You can describe each of those things in so different ways. And again it comes out great. You simply get stuck in the moment of greatness. This all is going through your head much faster than the speed of light. Nerves works with such speed it’s impossible to write, even to try explaining. In one second you think of all that things, unconsciously. You can’t stop it. You think about future, what’s it going to be, how will things evolve. ? Then questions start popping. What is going after this moment? Will he/she love me more?

Anyway you know of what moment I’m writing. Now tell me, why someone just let’s go of that. Why someone throws that moment which is almost always on ‘replay’. How can you throw away a thing that you like, which makes you feel good? If you speak of that moment with such greatness why do you put such low effort? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around, when you love something, you want it. No one can tell you, “You can’t have it”. You fight for it until you get it, right? It’s the same with love but I just don’t understand how can you quit? Why don’t you say you don’t want my love or my feelings rather than challenging me to try more and more? I can’t let go, because I feel love, and I want to fight for it. Why do you keep making me jealous, why do you keep doing things that makes me feel like a bloody idiot for trying. I’m stupid for trying actually. I knew this would happen. I’m still trying to make something out of this, even if she keeps hurting me. I know I’m in loved too much. I’m in those years. Everyone have to pass through this part of life. Still… I can’t understand. If you like it, love it why throw it away. If any of you readers can write a decent answer I would be grateful.

This paragraph I write to all of you girls who are from age, 18 to 25. Snap out and accept reality. Don’t wait for true love. Try to love a person you are the most free with. The one guy who makes you look good when you two are alone. When you two are in society, no matter with who you were, friends, family, strangers, or what the situation is meeting or a job, anything. If you think through and you were actually feeling good and it was always nice with that person then try to love him. You can’t just wait for love at first sight, the right one to show at your front steps. You girls, of that age, also think most men who are younger a year or are the same as age as you, are immature. Most of men are, but you have to look it from every side. You can’t just say you’re like every other man. Be with the person you like, enjoy the moments that you create. Yes enjoy, and remember, so when you later remember of that moments and think through them how you felt. If you liked it, the guy is making progress. If more moments come and you have that feelings again then try to love him. Don’t quit because you got scared. Don’t tell him your heart isn’t beating, that you don’t feel that true love. Keep that guy close; he’ll do more things for you than you can think of. You will feel eventually if you keep going, not letting go and waiting for the look on first sight. Just don’t make us fools and we won’t return the favor.

Now if you ask why that age I’ll tell you, when you get to 18 you start being a girl, an actual girl with some charm. And you learn how to use it until 25. As stupid as it looks that’s why.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it. If you liked it, read other things I wrote, because it’s about love also. Keep commenting and tell me what you like or dislike.

Stay cool. Peace. 

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