The red island

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Danny and Trevor had engaged in a battle all evening. Danny, now brings Trevor to an isolated forest. Why ? What is he going to do to Trevor ? What motivates Danny ? Can Trevor save himself ? Please read my short and know it yourself.

Submitted: July 29, 2014

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Submitted: July 29, 2014



THE RED ISLAND   by  Avinash 


Danny limped on his left foot while dragging Trevor. With every step on the bridge, he felt a gush of adrenaline. The 10 meter long bridge was black with age, the only color one could see was due to the moss underneath and an occasional leaf which fell from the trees above. Below it, lied the swamp with its reddish black waters.

Trevor was in his Lewis leather jacket and denim jeans. None of which mattered now. The blue jeans had turned red with his blood and his leather jacked resembled as if it had just been skinned off a cow.

“Leave me.. Please…Please leave me.. Danny,” Trevor said. Danny did not listen to what he was to say, not one bit. He was too busy imagining what he was to get in a couple of minutes and more importably, what Trevor was about to get. He laughed at his oncoming joy and Trevor’s pain. He adjusted his round spectacles and dragged Trevor, limping every step, but never flinching to smile devilishly. 

Trevor’s blood dripped through the wooden planks on the bridge, into the swamp. He had no strength to fight Danny, not any more. 6 foot 2 and still could not defend himself against a 5 foot super market store keeper. He hated himself. He knew what he was about to face and every second his fears only grew. He wanted to cry at the top of his lungs. However, it was no use. Neither did he have the strength nor the hope of finding a soul in that damned forest to help him. There was no one, except him and Danny.

Danny was a monster now, more than ever. He did not heed to what Trevor was saying. He now crossed the bridge and reached the small island. There was a cut tree trunk, a foot wide and a half, long. He dragged and put Trevor with his head on the log. It was red with the blood of many like Trevor, who had faced the same fate he was about to. He did not have the strength to move him self out of the dreaded log, nevertheless he did all he could. Meanwhile Danny opened his bag he stole from Walmart, and started to search for something and took out a butcher knife. Trevor had seen that before, the same knife, with its black wooden handle, the same one, not a replica but the exact same one.

He shouted “No..” but Danny did not hear anything. Trevor had shouted all evening that anything he said only sent whispers now, like the scissoring wind going over the creek.

Before he could say anymore, Danny swung the knife on Trevor’s neck.

His soul vanished into thin air in an instant.  

Danny was not contended. He gave Trevor 20 more blows with his knife. All through out his face until the handsome face of Trevor was no longer recognizable. After a while, Danny stopped, overlooking Trevor’s corpse with an air of superiority. He bent down again gave a 100  more blows with his knife before the handle separated itself. Not contended enough, he started to beat the corpse with own fist until he had no more strength to even raise a finger. Breathing heavily, he lay beside the corpse. Everything was in red now. The red leaves, the water, Trevor and Danny. 

He was finally at peace, like the clear sky he saw through the leaves. It was clear and beautiful as Jess. At the thought of her, he started to cry uncontrollably. He knew he had become more inhuman than ever. Would Jess ever approve of his actions, he would never know. Yet, he felt contended. His was the only cry to be heard in the entire swamp. Birds did not chirp, the water did not move. They let him cry, to his heart’s content. Like him, the girls below the water seemed to be happy now, along with Jess - his 21 year old daughter.  

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