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on our way there, the journey itself was a lot of fun; sounds of stories, jokes, and the shuffling of cards filled the mini-bus. but for me, the song “summer on top of the world” by imagine dragons seemed to be perfectly suited to moment. arriving at 11:00 am, the place was just mountains. seeing the view of the cascades from the top was so amazing, wonderful, beautiful… words really cannot express how beautiful the falls were.

Submitted: April 22, 2016

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Submitted: April 22, 2016



May2, 2015 I went on an unforgettable journey with my best friend Leila and a group of my university students to Ouzoud Waterfalls; located in the Middle Atlas, just hours from my imperial city Marrakech. Eager to experience an area in this lovely country that would be new to me, I awoke at 6 am without a problem.

On our way there, the journey itself was a lot of fun; sounds of stories, jokes, and the shuffling of cards filled the mini-Bus. But for me, the song “Summer on Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons seemed to be perfectly suited to moment. Arriving at 11:00 am, the place was just mountains. Seeing the view of the cascades from the top was so amazing, wonderful, beautiful… words really cannot express how beautiful the falls were. Additionally, the local people of the area were Amazigh People. Being a native speaker, it was easier for me to communicate with them. I found it good opportunity to practice my language, even if their Tamazight (the language) is quite different from mine due to geographical differences: the Small Atlas versus the Middle Atlas.

Desiring to see things beyond the cascades, we decided to climb down the mountain.  On our way down there were so many vendors selling traditional stuff to visitors as a souvenir from the place. There were a lot of travelers just like us coming from different parts of morocco or Europe. Suddenly, Leila and I lost touch with our group because of the crowd; they seemingly disappeared among the sea of people.

Later, I learned that they were looking for us well but they could not find us. I have a habit of putting my phone on flight mode so as not to receive any text messages or access the Internet when I am on a trip. It helps me to concentrate on what I am doing and live the moment away from the noise of the city. I isolate myself from everything, knowing that I will get back to all of that later. Even if the team wanted to call, to Leila’s cell-phone for instance; they could not because the network in the mountain is so weak. Our only hope was to find them by sight.

Wishing to continue our exploration, we decided to keep going and all the while looking for them among the people. We always had the option of returning to our Mini-Bus to wait for them there until they come. With this as our assurance, we preceded.

My eyes could not believe how beautiful the waterfalls were. Until that moment, I had only seen them in Pictures. It was an amazing emotional moment to see them with my own eyes and finally be able to touch the water with my own hands. I just don’t know how to describe the way I felt at that moment or how beautiful the falls are. It is so glorious even a novice photographer could capture their essence. A picture is truly worth a thousand words and the falls appear at least as stunning in real life as in print.

Furthermore, it was a great way to see the natural resources of the country. As we learned from the local people, the Cascades’ water is ‘’Salty-Sweet’’ mixed in its way from Oum-Rabie River and Ben-Mellal River, causing the river to contain both salty and sweet water. Upon hearing this I was so curious that I did not hesitate to taste it. It was a unique and wonderful taste; it was different from any other water I’ve ever had. I could not stop drinking it. I fell deeply in love with the area. My favorite part is sailing over the river in a small boat to the cascades. The Cascades seemed as lovely as I expect the Caribbean to be, I half expected Jack Sparrow to show up on deck. While we were sailing over the river, the captain of the boat made a circle in the water so that we could see the other side of the falls. The more we got near the falls the more excited I was to see more.

By the time our sailing excursion ended it was already 3:00 pm. We decided that we have to go back to look for our group. Being exhausted from our adventure plus the sun shining as if it were the middle of July, I felt rather dizzy and paused to rest. But Leila’s expression said, ‘’it’s not the right time to rest, we gotta go. ‘’ So I drank some water and I stood up to resume climbing, but this time it went slowly because I was so weary I could move no faster. I deeply knew that if we keep going the same manner we wouldn’t reach the top of the mountain until sunset. Both of us decided to double our speed .Hamdullah, somehow it worked.

Yet, when we reached the summit we could not remember where our Mini-Bus was parked. In the morning we were following the leader of the group and did not pay attention to where our driver parked the Mini-Bus. However, we did not give up; I decided to ask a women who was selling some ‘’L’Ashub’’ (which means herbals.)

‘’Hello’’ I greeted her in Tamazight.

”Might you please show us where do people park cars here?’’ I asked her crossing my fingers, hoping she had an answer for us.

‘’They are over there, follow that road’’ she said pointing.

Following her directions, we found the parking lot. But there were so many cars and Mini – Buses that were similar to ours; we could not distinguish ours from the others. I was shouting our group names but heard no answers. We decided to seek help again and a tour guide led us to another parking lot. This time we found them.

‘’Hamdullah’’ Leila said relieved.

We were both pretty tired after the long journey.

We found them about to eat lunch. Anas, a guy from the group, cooked a special Marrakchei dish called ‘Tanjiya’. He brought it with him from home. I was so hungry and the food was so tasty and delicious. After lunch I decided to take a nap while the others were making tea and playing cards, but my headache did not let me. I knew that if I did not take medicine my situation could get worse. I immediately got up and began looking for a pharmacy nearby, but I found none. A vendor informed me that there was only one pharmacy in the area but a girl should not go by herself to get there.

Incidentally, a guy overheard us talking and to my surprise offered to help by guiding me to the pharmacy. Initially I was very glad to hear that. Suddenly I realized I made a terrible mistake; I remembered that in an Amazigh community like this I could not go with him because it’s perceived as ‘Hshuma’ which means ‘shame’. In most of the Amazigh communities, even my community, a girl walking with a guy is not appropriate and it shows disrespect of the local people; I quite understand the tradition. Despite my intense need, I was inclined to refuse his offer. But to my relief, this man heroically insisted on going to get the medicine for me.

The gentleman’s behavior towards me is a perfect example of the good manners of Amazigh people. The way people treat each other in a community like this one is much different from what I keep on seeing in Marrakech or in any other Moroccan city. That’s why I adore how simple, kind, innocent, and generous the Amazigh people always are. They invite you to drink the Amazigh tea and to eat …etc. Over all that, you will not leave without getting a gift from them as a souvenir. Because of the hospitality I felt I promised them I would return to visit them one day (Inshallah). Additionally, I will tell travelers that I meet about their existence and about the Ouzoud Waterfalls. One day I will write the book I always dreamed of and I will dedicate it in honor of these people. Hopefully you can make it one day and visit there. But don’t stop there! Seek out even more beautiful places, beyond the ones in the guiding books…the ones you discover yourself.

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