Problems with the War

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What's wrong with America's War on Terror and what we can do about it.

For me, it was an exercise in keeping an open audience. I was trying to write in such a way that people who disagreed with me could still see my point.

Submitted: July 09, 2008

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Submitted: July 09, 2008



America is fighting a “war on terror,” and many Americans are not pleased about it. The problems with this war are obvious: it’s being very poorly organized. And this isn’t the first time that we’ve had these problems, yet nobody sees them. If America isn’t careful, we will end up repeating our father’s mistakes. Yet there is hope. We need to change this, we need to do something, yet the people sit here, ignorant of the problems. Something has got to change.

The first problem with the “war on terror” is just that: it’s a war on “terror.” Terrorism doesn’t have a country, and it’s not a very good enemy. Every American knows what happened on September 11, and every one of us knows the effects of terrorism. But is this war making us any safer? Do you feel any safer? Terrorism is everywhere and nowhere, and even when you find some terrorists, there are millions more. Although it is possible to fight, finding some only reminds us of the millions more that we have yet to find: every success reminds us only of failure. This is not a good way to encourage positive feelings about a cause.

The press is another glaring problem with our war. Any soldier can tell you that you can’t fight a political war and a military war at the same time. Winning a military war can help a political career: just look at the number of generals that we’ve elected as president. However, in this case, the politics and the fighting are too tangled, mostly due to the presence of the press in Iraq. The horrors of war that many people choose to ignore are brought to the eyes of the American public. Suddenly, the suffering of millions becomes nothing more than a tool for those who will use any excuse to rise to the top. Politicians will take the death of millions, the death of soldiers who were fighting for their country, fighting for a cause that they still believe in, and use it to say, “look at what our president is doing wrong now,” taking the sacrifice of the person and make it meaningless. The same problem happened in Vietnam: with the press there, showing every terrible thing that happened, people forgot about the reasons they were fighting, and just focused on the fighting. Everyone forgot what we were fighting for, and that was a war that we lost. If we don’t make a change, we will loose this war too.

So what can we do, how can we change it? Should we send the troops home? Nothing could be stupider! Think of the number of recent wars where America has fought, then lost support and gone home; there are a lot of them. Getting help form America seems to be a death sentence. Once we’re gone, what happens to the people who fought for us. Do you think that people will say, “Oh, well, we’ll let you off this time”? And then what happens next time we offer our help? People will look at Vietnam, at every war where our politicians shattered the support for our cause, and see that our help will only hurt them. And if we need help, will there be anyone to help us?

Who will help us in our time of need?

So what should we do? Should we fight for an unnecessary war, one that we don’t think we need? Maybe what we should do is take the responsibility on ourselves, stop blaming our president, stop blaming congress, admit that we can’t do everything, but we should do something.

Don’t fight the politics, don’t even try to fight for a cause; there isn’t one. Fight for the troops, the ones who don’t want to be there, and for the ones who still believe. Fight for America. Fight for your pluralistic, capitalistic future: we’re closer to loosing it than we think.

The Problems with the War

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