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Set after my novel is finished, this is Meenah and Lizzie spending summer together, and buying sandwiches from Mr. Pickles.

Submitted: July 22, 2009

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Submitted: July 22, 2009



I can tell when people are staring at me. It’s easy to feel, it’s like a sense. Maybe it was a byproduct of living in the wild so long, of being both hunter and prey, that I--

Stop that, I told myself. You start thinking like that and you’re just another shallow character in Confessions of a High School Vampire.

Roseland County is too hot, even for me. Especially for me. Even though I can’t feel temperature changes (because I’m technically dead), the humans around me get too hot. Walking into an enclosed space full of sweaty humans is like walking into a bakery on the day that they’re baking chocolate cake.

Mmmm, chocolate cake.

“You want anything to eat?” Lizzie asked.

“Liz,” I said, “We’ve known each other for what, a year now? Have you ever seen me eat anything?”

She bit her lower lip, thinking. “I think twice.”

“Really? When?” Even I couldn’t think of two occasions that I’d eaten food this decade.

“Well, there was the steak--”

“Raw food doesn’t count,” I insisted.

“Whatever, Meenah, you coming in or waiting out here?”

“Sun beats tiny sandwich shop filled with people any day.”

“Right,” she muttered. “Stupid question.”

I stood outside for a while, thinking about my past and the forest and Alexander and how much I’d changed since then.

There was another problem that I’d realized about Roseland County. Too much sun. As I was thinking that, I noticed the staring.

“Are you a vampire or something?”

I snapped out of my daydream.

“Well,” demanded the girl. She looked about 12, and was staring intently at my parasol.

“Why would you think that?”

“Because vampires are afraid of the sun and you have an umbrella so that you don’t turn into a little pile of broken glass.”

“Well,” I asked, leaning in towards her, “if I’m a vampire, wouldn’t you be afraid of me?”

She laughed. “I read this book, called Confessions of a High School Vampire, and the vampires in there are all really cool. And I always wanted to meet a real life vampire.”

Sigh. She was a Confessor. Fortunately, I’d learned to deal with these people.

“I read that book.”

“Really?! How much did you like it?”

“I finished the whole series in like eleven hours. They’re like literary heroin.”

“Oh, I know!”

“But they’re a load of crap. You know how Noah is always telling Paige that she smells like steak?”

“Yeah,” she said, her eyes twice their normal size.”

“Humans don’t smell like steak, not even like hamburger. They smell more like…” I paused, leaning towards her, and sniffed. “…chocolate cake. I really like chocolate cake.”

“Meenah, what are you doing?”

“Nothing!” I said, leaning back quickly. “Nothing, Lizzie!”

I started walking back with her, leaving the poor terrified girl behind.

“Were you trying to scare her?”


“That’s not very nice.”

“Who said I was nice? It’s for her own good anyway.”

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