Like A Bird

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James Wilson and Nikolas Kozak have been friends for 12 years. They have been boyfriends for 4 of those years. And now, they're over.

Submitted: October 16, 2015

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Submitted: October 16, 2015



As he woke, three questions presented themselves to him. One, where are his clothes? Two, who is the nude, sleeping girl next to him? Three, what happened the night before? But due to experience in mornings like this, he shrugged it off and silently left his bedroom.

He opened the closet outside his room; he kept extra clothes there for these situations. He threw on a regular black tshirt and some old, torn jeans. He walked to his living room area, grabbed his shoes and walked out of his apartment. He briefly considered leaving a note but gave up when he realized he couldn't seem the remember the name of the girl.

He walked barefoot, holding his shoes, all the way to school. He debated entering the building and signing in late. He realized they would probably only be in second period and he wouldn't really be that late. But the very idea of entering the school depressed him. Besides, he wasn't even certain which classes he was in; let alone when and where.

So in the end, he went to the nearby park, sat on a bench, and put on his shoes. The park was empty and didn't offer much in the way of entertainment; it didn't take long for him to get bored. After a while, he realized it was lunch time at school. Which would mean he could go to the school library and pick up Nikolas. He could probably convince Nik to leave school early. He was fairly certain at least.

He walked in, smiling brightly at everyone he passed. He walked casually to the staircase. Once reaching it, he sped up and ran up the stairs to the library. Once again slowing down as he walked into the library. He smiled and winked at the young librarian while passing her. Nik had his back to him so he silently approached Nik and covered Niks eyes with his hands. He whispered in Niks' ear, "guess who?"

But being impatient, he immediately let go and stepped in front of him. Nik had closed his eyes. He smiled and said, "James Wilson in school at last?" Nik opened his eyes and continued, "will you be staying for at least one class?"

James just smiled and leaned in close to Nik's face. "I've a better plan and you, lucky boy, you're invited."

"I have a project due in fourth," Nik weakly retorted. Already making it clear that he would be giving in. As always.

James rolled his eyes, grabbed Nik's hands, and dragged him out of the library. Once they reached the stairs, Nik started to walk on his own but continued holding hands. James waited until they reached the middle of the crowd with the front doors right in sight. Then he stopped, almost making Nik trip.

They turned to each other; James with a smirk and Nik with confusion. James grabbed Nik’s face, kissed him passionately on the lips, and whispered in his ear, "run."

James took off with Nik following close behind. Almost everybody got out of their way; the adults not even bothering to make chase. It was a usual sight from the two juniors. They kept running all the way to James' apartment building.

They stood, panting, for a few minutes. Then Nik straightened up and said, "so what the fuck is your plan anyway?"

James sat on the concrete pathways and shrugged. "Not certain. Check out the abandoned buildings?"

"How can we get there?"

“I’ve a car, dumbass.”

James stood up and walked to an old, beat up car in front of them. He opened the door and looked back to Nik, “coming?” Nik just rolled his eyes, walked to the car, and stepped into it. James shut the door and walked to the drivers side. He got in and looked over to Nik.

They sat in a somewhat awkward silence until James finally said, “I lost the keys.”

“Is this even your car?”

“Maybe. Presumably.” After a moment of silence James admitted, “no.”

“Whose car is it?”

“I’ve no idea.”

That’s when the girl walked out the building. The naked girl, not that she was naked anymore. Now she was walking out of the building, fully clothed, and heading to the car.

James leaned over and started making out with Nik. Nik didn’t offer much protest. They could hear the girl starting to scream at them and so, Nik broke it off. They both looked to her; she stopped yelling, James and Nik got out of the car, both leaving the doors open.

James started to make a fast escape but couldn’t leave Nik behind. And of course, Nik was walking to the girl. So James followed, staring at anywhere but the girl. He was already regretting the decision of going to the school. Even more so of bringing Nik here. Perhaps they should’ve just walked elsewhere.

The three stood in silence as the girl glared at James. James did his best to not look but of course, he did. Once he did, the girl started, “where’s my keys, Caleb?”

Nik glanced to James and back to the girl but said nothing. James, still not looking quite at her, said, “no idea. Who’re you?”

The girl laughed as if he was joking. She had a rather hideous laugh. She held out her hand and said, “keys, Caleb. Now.”

Nik, tired of being ignored, grabbed James arm and dragged him into the apartment building; he made certain to nudge the girl as he passed her. They walked into the building with the girl yelling after them. The door to James’ apartment was on the immediate left but instead of entering, they both just sat on the steps of the stairway. They sat in silence for a good, long moment.

Finally James said, “in my defense, I honestly have no idea who she is.” Nik stayed silent and so James continued, “but I’m pretty sure her keys are on the roof.”

“Where did you meet her?” Nik finally asked.

“Just work, okay?” James sighed and continued, “I didn’t know she would still be here.”

“How much she pay?”

“Doesn’t matter. Let’s go somewhere, anywhere!”

Nik just sighed and responded, “I should just go back to school. You could come too, I’ve written down your schedule.”

“No, please. Let’s just relax.”

“How do you expect to get into a good college, or any college, if you never go to school?”

“Come on, Nik. We could see a movie?”

“You have to go to school.”

James stood up and walked to his door. He turned back to look at the still sitting Nik. “Come see me after school.” Then he turned back and walked in his apartment, shutting the door behind him. He didn’t expect Nik to follow and Nik didn’t. Nik went to the roof, grabbed the keys, and went down outside; giving the keys to the girl without a word and walking back to school.

James went into the kitchen, grabbing the two hundred off the table and stuffing it in his pocket . Then opening his fridge to look around for anything. He pulled out a Red Bull and shut the fridge. He walked to his bedroom and flopped onto his bed. He lay there, staring at his ceiling for about an hour. Once realizing he was utterly bored, he stood up and tossed the unopened Red Bull onto his bed.

He walked into his living room and grabbed his coat off the couch. He put it on and left his apartment. He started walking, not paying attention to his direction or anybody around him. He walked with his hands in his pockets, staring at the ground. He walked into a few people but never acknowledged it.

Eventually he looked around and realized he was at the abandoned buildings. Which meant he had to have walked a few miles. He had blanked out the entire walk, he realized. School was probably over, Nik might already be at his apartment.

James just continued on, walking into a random building where no one could see him. He walked up the stairs, all the way to the roof. He was a bit tired out by the time he reached the twentieth floor but didn’t stop for a rest, he continued up the next five floors to the roof. There he rested, sitting on the ledge with his legs dangling over. He stared down to the empty and far away street. Wondering if perhaps Nik would show up and join him up here.

Nik had been a constant in his life. They met in kindergarten and had been friends since. Becoming a bit more than friends in the eighth grade. He’d been there for James when they decided to tell their parents; Niks were more accepting, James’ kicked him out. He’d been the first to find out about James’ job. Nik had always been patient and kind to him through it all. Nik always had shown up wherever James needed him. He’d always just known.

James frowned and stood up, pacing the ledge. He had to go home eventually. He could always show up at Nik’s house. Nik's parents would let him stay in the guest room. But the house was farther than his apartment. He debated between the two before jumping down on the roof and making a decision; he’d just stay on the roof. He lay down, staring at the darkening sky until he fell asleep.

He woke in the early morning, birds were flying above him. He looked up at them, wondering exactly how hard it would really be to fly. To just fly away from everything. He stood up and walked to the ledge, standing on it and looking down to the street. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple pills in a small plastic baggie. He frowned at them for a second, where had he gotten them?

He put them back and pulled out his money, he had significantly less. He must have bought them during his walk, he shrugged it off and pulled the pills back out, putting the money back. He dumped the pills into his hand and throw them into his mouth, swallowing them dry and throwing the baggie to the ground.

He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of chalk. Again, he wasn’t sure how he got it. But he didn’t mind, it was a nice colour. He stepped down from the ledge and crouched down to the ground. He wrote on the ground with the chalk, “Like a bird so high, I’ll be flying -James Wilson”. Then he stood back up on the ledge, stuffing the chalk into a pocket.

He looked up at the sky, debating the options. He watched a flock of birds disappear, wondering if he should follow them. But no, he’d go see Nik. Nik would love to join him on an adventure, wouldn’t he?

James smiled and then, he jumped. He jumped and for a moment, he was flying. With closed eyes, he flew. Nik would be so impressed. But there was something wrong. Something very wrong. At the last moment he realized what it was. He wasn’t flying.

He was falling.

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