Casey Anthony and Me

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During the two weeks I was in rehab for broken elbow and wrist I watched it all day long. I lay in a rehab bed next to a big screen TV and watched HLN and TRU TV. I formed my own verdict about myelf and Casey Anthony.

Submitted: August 01, 2011

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Submitted: August 01, 2011



I was recently in rehab for two weeks following surgeries on my left elbow and right wrist. I would have therapy early in the morning then group therapy three times a week and a short session in the afternoon. Otherwise I was laying in bed all day waiting for meals and meds and watching the Casey Anthony trial. The mother accused of murdering her two year old child, cutting her up and leaving her on the side of the road. This was billed as the biggest trial since the OJ trial and because cameras were allowed in the courtroom it was on TV all day. Laying in bed and watching her family members go up one by one and testify helped me think of something other than myself. While I was fighting for my physical life she was fighting for the rest of her life.

The trial lasted the whole two weeks I was in rehab. After going through breakfast and bathing and reading in the morning I would watch the trial while I waited for therapy and meds. The physical therapist would come get me early and i would have time before group at eleven. Instead of watching reruns I would watch the trial. While I was interested in the jury and lawyers I was most interested in watching Casey. It seemed her moods would change with whatever was going on in the courtroom. But when her mother and father broke dow on the stand it seemed there was no reaction. And when her father waved good bye to her saying he was done, there was no reaction. I trully believe besides a murderer and a liar she is acting like a psychopath.

As the days went on at Golden Living nursing home I got better. I started doing things for myself and getting around better. Then one morning they came in and told me I had to go back to the hospital because my Hemogloban was so low. Medic came and got me and took me back to Mercy Hospital where I underwent two days of testing and a Blood Transfusion. It was a very big set back because I was afraid I would lose my spot at the nursing home. I lost track of the trial because I was too busy during the day and too tired at night. After doing an Endoscopy and a colonoscopy they found nothing and I was allowed to go back to the nursing home. I was tired and worn out after two days of tests and figting with medical staff but after getting back to the nursing home I got back on my old schedule. They had even taken out my catheter in the hospital which I had worn for two weeks. I felt like a new man even going to the bathroom by myself and not waiting for someone to answer my call button.

My old roommate had gone home while I was in the hospital so I was alone for a few days. I quickly got back to my old therapy and TV schedule. Casey was still sitting there all dressed up and her hair and makeup perfect. Instead of prison Casey looked like she had come from a hotel, no handcuffs or shackells for an accused baby killer who had lied to police and caused a massive search for a child she knew was dead. The prosecuter brought on witness after witness including her mother, father and brother and as each one broke down on the stand Casey sat with her stone face only showing emotions when she was being accused. Just like a true psychopath.

As things got worse for her, things got better for me. With physical therapy everyday I got stronger and when I saw wrist doctor he took splint off said I could use it. Medicare had only approved twenty days and they were coming to a close next Saturday. Ibegan walking around the nursing home with a cain and got more excited each day. I watched less of the trial each day but kept up with it at night on Inside Edition. All the experts agreed, Casey was in trouble by the time I went home Saturday.

The verdict did not come until after I was home and having home therapy three times a week. The jury only out a matter of hours found her not guilty. The most hated mom in America was found not guilty and would spend only a few days in jail for lying to police. She would be free to make her millions and was whisked away in a private jet to begin her new life. As I started my new life of healing she started hers of running and looking over her shoulder. I would much rather have mine.

Since she got out of jail she has been in hiding. Rumors have said she was in Ohio, California or Puerto Rico. She was even sited at an Old Navy store in Ohio. Now a judge may make her return to Florida for writing bad checks she stole from her best friend Unlike her I saw my surgeon and he said elbow was one hundred percent.. No more splint or physical therapy and I could start drivimg again! While I start my new life of freedom Casey remains in hiding. How innoocent is she?

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