Tiger and me

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Tiger Woods starts playing again today after 3 months due to injury. This will be comparison of him and me

Submitted: August 05, 2011

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Submitted: August 05, 2011



Tiger Woods starts playing again today after a three month abscence. While his ranking fell from the top ten to 21 I and thousands of fans will be watching to see how the former number one in the world do this weekend. Will he raise to the occasion or fail. It's been said that ever since Tiger left golf's TV ratings have dropped and they are expected to raise again this weekend. Even after his fall from grace fans watched the youngest man who broke so many records that fans wondered what he would do next. As heartbraking as it was to see his game disintigrate fans, like me, still watched. Then we wondered if he would come back at all from his physical and psychological injuries.

It's so uncanny how his recovery and mine are similar that I thought I had to write about it. Both our stories started in April when he withdrew from a tournament because if injuries to his knee and achilles tendon. Rumors started that we would never see the old Tiger again and all the young and unkown players started winning. "The age of Tiger" was over and the age of the young guns had begun. It was at this same time that I injured my left Fibula and reinjured the Titanium Plate and bone in my left arm. Like Tiger, I had just started a program at the YMCA and was getting more active. Now early one morning in the begiining of April Medic would have to come and transport me to the hospital because my dad and girl friend could not pick me up. It was decide that the cogentin I was taking along with my Risperdol dropped my blood pressure and I fainted. Dad was upset because I did not use walker from a previous surgery. In any case it was my fault because of reaction to medication I did not need unlike Tiger's which was golf injury. This was the only difference yet a big one psychologically which would affect my physical and psychological recovery. I would be taken off both medications even though I was seriously depressed. I would have to rely on Cymbalta and Seroquel for my psychological recovery and Percaset, Oxycontin and Soma for my physical reovery. Still a lot of medications which would cause yet another fall, more psychological than physical.

I would have to wear an orthopedic boot for a month because of my Fibula. My specialist said there was nothing else to be done. Because of the pain from the Fibula, I did not notice until a couple weeks later that I had also broken the plate in my elbow and the bone. Dr. Schiffern couldn't believe the plate broke again so he was worried about infection. I would have to have my sixth surgery on the elbow and Dr. Schiffern wasn't sure how to do it because of previous surgeries. A couple of weeks went by waiting for his response and another tragedy of my own doing. I was getting ready for a shower, taking off my shows in a hurry and fell again breaking my right wrist. I was having home therapy for my weak legs and when the therapist came she said it was broken and got in touch with Dr. Gaston at Ortho Carolina. I would see him that afternoon and he said the wrist was severely broken. I would have outpatient surgery on Thursday and my elbow surgery would be postponed again because Iof my carelessness. During all this time of psychological and physical pain, I was anxiously waiting for Tigers return. Week after week the young and unknown players were winning and I was glad for them but still waiting for Tiger..

The wrist surgery was out patient. I was there early my brother Pat took me he was upset that I had fallen again and would be biggist influenc when my drug problem would come to the surface. I would have to wait for the elbow surgery until the wrist was healed enough. Finally at the beginng of April I would have the Elbow surgery. It was inpatient, I was back at Orthopedic Hospital for three days. I would only be on the pain pump a day when I was switched to combination of Oxycontin, Percaset and Soma. Before surgery at home I had taken accidental overdose of Percaset and Soma. During the incident my father fell and reinjured his head and leg. My sister who is a nurse thought I had a stroke untl she saw my eyes. She kneww I had taken something and found 17 percaset missing and ten Soma in a day! I was still controlling my own medicine. After they got me in bed I woke up a couple hours later and thought it was morning. Somehow I walked out to the kitchen and shocked everyone. My body had already absorbed the overdose.

The following weekend before surgery my two sisters and my brother Pat had an intervention meeting. Pat said I was like a junkie looking for a fix. My sisters said I looked hih all the time. I said I couldn't stand the pain. They said I could no longer control my medicine. Dad woud give it to me every four hours for the Percaset. They thought I was addicted to TV to and said I couldn't watch it until evening. I was shocked and deeply depressed that I had gotten so low. I had reached my lowest point before facing more surgery and two weeks in rehab. With my familys help and good doctors I made it thru. And when I got home it was announced that Tiger would return the next weekend. The fans cheered as he did well all the way through. He said there was no more pain and he was ready to win. After the tournament though he said he would have to adjust his goals. The next weekend he would fall apart at the Championship and would not make the cut. As i watched Tiger falling apart I wondered about me. Would I have the strength to "win" or give up like Tiger. II am determined to win....

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