The story of Him and Her

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Him loved Her.

But, I loved Him.

Submitted: November 30, 2012

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Submitted: November 30, 2012



Him and Her were in love.


There was nothing Him wouldn't do for Her and nothing Her wouldn't do for Him.

They were in love.

Every morning, they woke up together.

Every day, they spend every minute talking to each other.

Every night, they cuddled each other to sleep.

Him and Her were the perfect two, living in their happy ending.

But there was another.

Another named, I.

I loved Him very, very much.

I used to be very important to Him as well.

But Him had left I.

For Her.

I watched them play everyday.

I watched them talking, watched them dance, and watched them sing.

Yes, I was very, very envious.

So one day,


I killed Her.


In front of Him.

I locked Him away.

I told Him everyday how much I loved Him.

I brought Him breakfast, and little gift baskets.

Even though Him declined it all.

Until I had to force it all down just to avoid wasting the precious love.

I loved Him.


Yes, I loved Him...









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