Our First Christmas Eve Together

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For SkyeChanel's contest. On Christmas Eve, a couple reflects upon their first Christmas together as the woman begins to give birth to their baby.

Submitted: December 22, 2013

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Submitted: December 22, 2013



Our First Christmas Eve Together


“Leon… it hurts…” A young, pregnant, brunette woman was steadily gasping and moaning in pain. She was breathing heavily. She tightly gripped her husband’s hand. “The baby,” she managed to say through her heavy breathing. “It’s going to be here any… minute.”


“Everything is going to be alright, Amanda,” said her blonde haired husband. “The ambulance are on their way right now.”


“How can I relax…” Amanda gritted her teeth and groaned in pain. “when there is a baby about to come out of me.” Leon began to panic. Then he came up with an idea.


“I know! What if I tell you a story? That way, I can distract you from the pain.” Amanda managed a smile through her pain.


“That could work. What do you have in mind?” Leon stopped and thinked. Then he chuckled a bit


“What about the time we went swimming in the pool and you lost your bikini top?” Amanda gave Leon an angry glare. “I’m just kidding. Since it’s Christmas Eve, how about the story of our very first Christmas Eve together.” Amanda’s smile was warm and genuine. She looked into Leon’s eyes.


“I love that story,” she said.


“Okay. . . where do I begin?”


Five Years Ago


The Christmas lights illuminated the already bright lighted buildings in Manhattan. The streets were filled with the hustle and bustle of civilians. They were either rushing home to their loved ones to spend Christmas Eve with them or making a mad dash to any store that was open, just to get some last minute Christmas presents.


There was one young man oblivious to the madness going on around him. His stylish, messy blond hair was swaying in the cold, winter air. That young man was Leon. He checked the time on his watch. Six thirty.  He pulled out a cigarette and a lighter from his dark gray trenchcoat. He stuck the cigarette in his mouth and lit it. He took a deep inhale followed by a deep exhale.


“I really need to quit these,” he said to himself. “But it’s okay to be smoking if it’s to warm yourself up, right? “ Leon puffed on his cigarette quietly. The ashes from the slowly disintegrating cigarette fell onto Leon’s dark brown boot. He quickly shook it off.


“Leon!” cried a voice that was all too familiar to Leon. A beautiful looking young lady was running straight towards him. Her brunette hair was waving around in the cold Christmas air. She tightly wrapped her arms around Leon’s waist.


“Merry Christmas Eve!” she shouted loud enough to make almost all the people in the city square notice her.


“Hey, Amanda,” said Leon, smiling. “You sure seem excited.” Amanda’s nose caught the pungent tang of cigarette smoke and her face turned sour.


“You’re smoking again!” she pouted. “You know how much I hate it when you smoke. Did you forget that smoking causes…”


“Lung cancer, thrombosis, emphysema, et cetera, et cetera. Look,” Leon dropped the cigarette from in between his index and middle finger. He stepped on it and grinded it stop the flame. “Happy?” he asked with a goofy smile.


“That’s better,” replied Amanda. “But you really need to quit.” The two started to walk.


“I’ve been smoking long before I met you and I’m only nineteen. It’s hard to quit. You know I tried.”


“I know how hard it is for you. If you want I can get some nicotine patches from the hospital I’m interning at.”


“Nah, I’m okay.” The two started to go down the stairs of the train station. “How is nursing school by the way?”


“It’s been stressful the last few weeks. Tests, observations, the whole nine yards. Thank goodness I have the next few weeks off.” The inside of the train station was a bit crowded.


“Didn’t think the station would be this crowded today,” said Leon.


“So what are we supposed to do?” Leon smiled.


“We’ll just force our way through,” he said. He grabbed Amanda’s hand and they started to mow through some of the crowd. They caught the first available train heading off to Midtown. The train itself was even more crowded than the station.


“Made it!” yipped Amanda.


“Yeah, we did,” said Leon, with a hint of relief in his voice.


“Okay, so what have you planned for us tonight?” Leon chuckled.


“It’s going to be one surprise after another. All you need to know is that we will be spending our night over in Midtown.” Leon winked at her.


The bright Midtown lights, lit up the sky above. There were Christmas decorations galore. Leon and Amanda held their hands as the walked up the busy sidewalk.


“Everything looks so pretty, Leon,” said Amanda in a whimsical sounding voice.


“I promised you a New York style Christmas didn’t I?” Leon puffed out his chest. “I bet they don’t have this kind of stuff back in Ohio.”


“Well you are certainly right about that.”


“I hope you’re hungry. We’re going to my favorite childhood restaurant.” The Midtown Restaurant was filled with people celebrating their own Christmas Eves. Leon and Amanda was sitting at a table near the back.


“This place has such a nostalgic feel to it,” said Amanda. “I love it!”


“The food here is the best in New York,” Leon chimmed. “I recommend the Pizza Burger. It’s my absolute favorite. A burger with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. It’s the absolute best combination ever! Well, right next to cookies and ice cream.”


“I think I will try the Pizza Burger.” A woman with holding a notepad and pen approached the couple.


“Are you ready to order?”


“We’ll have two Pizza Burgers with fries,” said Leon. The woman scribbled down the order in her notepad.


“What would you like to drink?”

“I’ll have a Sprite,” said Leon.


“And I’ll have a Pepsi,” said Amanda. The woman quickly scribbled the drink order.


“I’ll be right back with your food,” she said. When the food arrived, Leon was busy chowing down on his burger, but Amanda only took a bite out of her food.


“What’s the matter?” asked Leon. “Food no good?”


“It’s the best thing I ever tasted,” replied Amanda. “It’s just that it’s too big and messy for me.” Amanda picked up a fry and popped it into her mouth. Leon finished off the rest of his burger.


“Let me help you out then.” Leon reached over and took Amanda’s burger and took two great big bites from it. He placed the remaining half off the burger back Amanda’s plate.


“That should be easier to eat now.” Amanda finished off what was left of her food. She looked at Leon and noticed that her had some sauce on his cheek, She took her thumb and wiped it away which surprised Leon. She licked her thumb.


“You had a little something on your cheek,” she giggled. The two laughed as they paid the bill and left the restaurant.


Present Day


The paramedics immediately busted into Leon and Amanda’s apartment, stretcher ready. Amanda was still howling and groaning in pain as Leon and paramedics lifted her onto the stretcher. The paramedics rolled Amanda into the truck as Leon followed them inside. The truck began to make a speedy take off. Amanda clutched onto Leon’s hand.


“Please... keep telling the... story,” she groaned.


Five Years Ago


Leon and Amanda were slowly walking down the streets on their way to their next destination. Amanda’s arms were tightly wrapped around Leon’s arm. The streets were significantly less crowded than they were an hour ago. Amanda exhaled from her mouth. She noticed that the cold air made her breath visible.


“It’s so cold,” she giggled. “I can see my breath and everything.” She let out another puff of air from her mouth.


“You look so cute when you do that,” chimed Leon. He then let out a puff of air of his own.


“So where are we going now,” asked Amanda.


“Nowhere in particular.” Leon’s voice had a hint of nonchalantness. His voice then changed into a bit of excited tone. “Just a little place called Radio City Music Hall.” Amanda’s jaw dropped.


“No way, you mean we’re…” Leon took two tickets out of his pocket and showed them to Amanda. “Ohmigod!” she cried. She leaned in and kissed Leon on the lips. She broke away, excitement still flowing through her veins.


“I’ve always wanted to go to the Christmas Spectacular show. I could just kiss you right now!”


“You just did,” said Leon laughing. Leon and Amanda walked hand in hand all the way to Radio City. The show was exactly everything Amanda hoped it would be. The beautifully choreographed dancing, the expertly done stage sets. Everything was perfect, Amanda even started crying. Leon quickly took notice.


“You alright, Amanda?” asked Leon, whispering so he wouldn’t disturb the other audience members.


“I’m sorry,” replied Amanda smiling. She wiped the tears from her eyes. “It’s just that I’m so happy. Being here with the man I love. At the show I always wanted to go to.” She looked into her boyfriend’s eyes. “Leon. Thank you for this.”


“It’s no problem. Anything to make my Mandy happy.” The two silently watched the rest of the stage show, as if they were the only ones there. With the show done, Leon and Amanda once again walked outside into the chilly December air.


“Leon,” Amanda began. “Thanks again for taking me to see the Christmas Spectacular.”


“It’s a little late, but the night is still very much young!” chimed Leon. “We still have a couple more places to go.”


“Where are going to go now?” Amanda’s voice was filled wonder.


“Tell me. Have you ever went ice skating?” Amanda shook her head.


“Than what better place to go than Rockefeller Rink?!”


Being in the ice rink made the already chilly air even more cold. Amanda was tightly holding onto Leon’s hands as she was trying to learn how to ice skate.


“Easy does it,” said Leon calmly as he slowly dragged Amanda along with him. Amanda was slowly wobbling along with Leon.


“This wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be,” said Amanda, who’s voice were just as wobbly as her legs on the ice.


“Think you’re ready to try it by yourself?”


“Ummm… okay.” Leon let go of Amanda. She was skating like she was doing it for years.


“You’re doing it,” cried Leon.


“I am! I am!” Amanda was zipping around the rink fast. Super fast. She began to lose control of her skating. “I’m going to fast now!” cried Amanda in a panic. “How do I break?!”


“Bend your heels inward!” But it was too late. Amanda skated right smack into Leon and they both fell onto the ice. Amanda found herself right on top of Leon.


“Owie,” Amanda groaned. “Are you alright, Leon?” Leon was giggling.


“I’ll be alright,” he said. “After all, a beautiful angel did come crashing into me.” Leon brushed the hair that was covering some of Amanda’s hazel eye. The two just laughed and laughed.


With the ice rink done and gone, Leon had one more place that he wanted to show Amanda.


“We have one more place to visit,” he said. “It always been really special to me.”


“What is it?” asked Amanda.


“This one is a surprise.” The entire time walking there, Leon covered Amanda’s eyes with his hands.


“Are we there yet?” she asked.


“Yes we are.” Leon had a huge smile on his face. He uncovered Amanda’s eyes. Amanda was speechless. The huge Rockefeller christmas tree loomed over them. It’s bright lights shined all across the area.


“Leon. The tree, it’s beautiful.”


“I know. I came here to see this tree every year since I was little. I promised myself that I will show the one I truly love this tree.” He grabbed Amanda’s hands and smiled. They looked deep into each others eyes. “That would be you, Amanda.” They two then passionately kissed. The beautiful lights all across Manhattan shined down upon them. When they broke away, Amanda felt a snowflake hit her against her cheek. Then a lot more began to fall from the sky.


“It’s snowing,” she said.


“Looks like it’s going to be a White Christmas.”


“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Leon and Amanda locked lips again, under the snowfall. On the empty train ride back home, Amanda and Leon looked at the train clock. It changed from eleven fifty nine to twelve.


“Merry Christmas, Leon,” said Amanda, lovingly.


“Merry Christmas, Amanda,” said Leon in an equally loving voice. Leon held Amanda close to him.


“I hope we can spend many more Christmases together.”


“We can and will.” And the couple kissed each other with heartwarming passion as the train slowly rode them to their stop.


Present Day


As soon as the truck reached the hospital, the paramedics quickly got Amanda onto a wheelchair and rolled Amanda inside with Leon following them behind. Within the next hour, Amanda and Leon’s baby were born. It was twelve AM, Christmas Day. Leon was outside the hospital. He getting ready to light a cigarette. He was about to light the lighter, but he stopped. He spat the cigarette from his mouth.


“No,” he said. “I have to quit. For the sake of the baby.” A paramedic stepped outside.


“Hey,” he said. “You’re the guy we driven to the hospital, right?” Leon nodded.


“I couldn’t help but listen to some of that story. You have to tell me it from the beginning sometime.” Leon smiled.


“Sure.” Then he walked back inside the hospital. Inside the delivery room, Amanda was holding Leon and her’s baby. Leon walked inside.


“Our little baby girl,” said Amanda with a warm motherly smile on her face.


“A beautiful one at that,” said Leon. “A lot has happened between our first Christmas Eve together and now, hasn’t it?”


“We moved in together the year after.”


“I proposed to you the year after that.”


“We got married the year after that.”


“And now we had our first child on this day.”


“What should we name her?”  Leon stopped and thought about it.


“Eve. Like Christmas Eve.”


“Our little baby girl, Eve.”


“We are gonna have quite the story to tell her when she gets older.” Leon and Amanda kissed. A lot has happened to them these last few Christmas Eves. Becoming proud parents has become one of them. And they had many more Christmas Eves yet to come.


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