A sad story about a girl... From the beginning of her dreams till her end in their broken coffin.

She wanted to draw, to paint
she felt was her destiny
Her parents had different plans
decided was what her life would be

She longed to live her desire
chose her aim without a doubt
fame and money, grown ups needed
Dreams were not something to care about

Always elders get their wish, as we know
She lived their way, had no where to go,
Sacrificed her will, without a mention
her world left with nothing,but suffocation

Moment came when she had enough
prayed "let it not happen, next time"
After many murders, one final death
she drank away her sorrow with life

"Suicide by a teen"
in newspapers around rolled
About her silent Burke,
no one will ever be told.

Submitted: October 01, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Boldpen. All rights reserved.

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